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Blog results for "Baguio"

Blog results for "Baguio"


5 Scary Places in The Philippines

It’s that time of the year again when there is an abundance of creepy crawlies ready to scare you. From decorations to costumes, Halloween is all about make-believe, playing with... Read more

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Baguio’s 40 Artists Under 40

An aerie among the clouds, Baguio City had always been an artists’ haven. But it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the rest of the world noticed. It was at... Read more


10 Songs To Include In Your Summer Road Trip Playlist

With the heat intensifying in the last couple of days, summer is undeniably here. By now, we’re raring to escape to the beaches of Batangas or revel in the cool climate... Read more


Bucket List: 100 Things to Do in the Philippines

Think you’ve seen and explored everything that our beautiful country has to offer? Let’s see if you were able to do everything on our ultimate bucket list of 100 things... Read more


Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Christmas

We’ve all celebrated Christmas the usual way — the whole family gets together to enjoy a sumptuous Noche Buena before the presents are opened, and Monito-Monitas are revealed. It’s traditional,... Read more


QUIZ: Which Philippine destination should you visit for Christmas?

Still don’t have any plans for the Christmas holidays this year? Take our simple quiz and find out what is the ideal location for you! Let us know what you... Read more


5 Hotel Promos for the Holidays

December is right around the corner and the next set of vacation days is about to take place. You may have booked plans already ahead of time to get better... Read more


Biyaheng Norte: 5 Places to Visit During the APEC Holiday

The APEC Summit brings several world leaders together to discuss economic growth, but it also brings with it a set of several holidays. For government workers and students, this means... Read more


5 Vacation Rentals for a Long Weekend

With several holidays coming up, planning your trip in advance is a good idea. Are you looking for something completely different for your next out-of-town escapade? Why not try booking... Read more


Travel Tip: Best Times to Travel Around the Philippines

A key element in traveling is knowing the right time to visit a particular place. Timing is everything, and if you choose the wrong dates to book your trip, a... Read more