10 Hotels and Resorts for Team Building Activities

10 Hotels and Resorts for Team Building Activities

Encourage group bonding and productive team sessions with the facilities offered at these resorts.
By Maria Elena Sulit

Team building activities are a great way to facilitate training and employee interaction. Companies and organizations plan team building sessions at resorts or other offsite locations to foster a fun and motivating atmosphere. Here, teams take on various challenges ranging from physical activities to social games, and relax after official work hours by bonding over beer and videoke at the resort bar.

Many hotels and resorts are now targeting this market and meeting the need for convenient, comfortable venues with facilities well suited to team building activities. Want to go back to nature and experience wilderness as a team in a Survivor-like setting? Or pit employees against themselves and their colleagues in a ropes or obstacle course? HR planners will find a number of resorts with these options available, in addition to the usual conference rooms and meeting facilities.

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Clearwater Resort & Country Club

Clearwater Resort & Country Club
is a suburban resort and club located in the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, a mere two hour drive from the busy streets of Manila. The resort has spacious gardens that can accommodate large groups in campsites and picnic setups. Activities have a flavor of the American frontier; popular group endeavors include kite flying and fishing in the lake. The resort's ambience cultivates a relaxing environment ideal for team building activities or company seminars.

See Clearwater Resort & Country Club's contact details here.

Sitio Lucia Garden Resort, Hotel, and Training Center

Located 22 km north of Manila in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Sitio Lucia Garden Resort, Hotel, and Training Center is a hotel and resort that specially caters to teambuilding activities, seminars, and other corporate needs. Sporting a prehistoric theme complete with a man-made falls and dinosaur sculptures, Sitio Lucia has amenities for both land and water activities. The resort has huge halls for seminars and a seven-station team-building course for outdoor games.

See Sitio Lucia Garden Resort, Hotel, and Training Center's contact details here.

Phillip's Sanctuary Outdoor Eco-Recreation Park

Found in the rocky mountains of Antipolo, Phillip's Sanctuary Outdoor Eco-Recreation Park offers a unique nature experience that involves dangling from ropes, swimming in mud, and rappeling down a cliff. The resort has pre-organized team-building activities such as the spider web, the 10 foot team wall, the trust fall, and an obstacle course.

See Phillip's Sanctuary Outdoor Eco-Recreation Park's contact details here.

Forest Club Eco Resort

Located in Laguna on the slopes of Mount Makiling, Forest Club Eco Resort offers back-to-nature adventures and quiet venues for company retreats. They have ropes courses strung between the thick forest growth on their property and swimming pools for water activities. The resort offers packages with survival games and field games, as well as game marshals to facilitate the activities and ensure the safety of everyone in the group.

See Forest Club Eco Resort's contact details here. 

White Cove Beach Resort

Amidst the white sands of Laiya, Batangas, White Cove Beach Resort offers land and water activities for company outings and team building sessions. The resort has function areas for games and picnics, and large pavilion cottages for seminars and company discussions. Teams can maximize the natural offerings of Laiya by incorporating swimming, kayaking, cove hopping, and other water sports into their activities. The resort offers group and corporate packages as well as day trip rates.

See White Cove Beach Resort's contact details here.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

Situated in the historic city of Kawit, Cavite, Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park offers a mix of both relaxing and rigorous activities. The resort features several sections such as the Island Spa, Fishing Village, Animal Island, and the Oceania Water Park. It also has large function rooms that can be used for company seminars and indoor activities as well as facilities for airsoft, paintball, beach volleyball, basketball, and other sports. Preset challenge courses such as a Team Wall, a Catwalk, Low and High Ropes courses, and a Zipline are located in the Adventure Zone and are well suited for team-building activities.

See Island Cove Hotel and Leisute Park's contact details here.

The Tamarind Tree Resort

A three- to four-hour drive to Padre Burgos in Quezon Province takes teams of intrepid explorers to a safari adventure at The Tamarind Tree Resort. The resort has white sand beaches and is only a few minutes away from the other islands of the Bondoc Peninsula, also known as BonPen. The resort features nipa hut houses and authentic island food, and offers team-building activities in their nearby Survivor Camp for groups seeking a military style roughing it adventure.

See The Tamarind Tree Resort's contact details here.

The Manor at Puerto Galera

A large new resort in Oriental Mindoro's popular Puerto Galera beach, The Manor at Puerto Galera offers unique location-based and rather intellectual adventure-based activities for personal and corporate team building seminars and retreats. These range from shooting and golf at nearby clubs, scuba diving, dinghy sailing, mountain biking, rainforest trekking and orienteering, sailing and navigation, and seabed mapping.

See The Manor at Puerto Galera's contact details here.

Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center

's Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center offers a relaxing and well-equipped environment for company seminars, retreats, and other events. The resort has one of the largest seating capacities in the area, able to accommodate 2,500 persons in both indoor and outdoor settings. Packages are available for various government and corporate events such as team-building activities, conventions, seminars, product launches, and company outings. The resort highlights local culture through its décor, which has rooms painted with wall murals, and its activities, which include jewelry making, tea drink making, and boating/shelling.

See Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center's contact details here.

Marco Hotel

The Marco Hotel in Cagayan de Oro is located inside the Alwana Business Park, and is thus well positioned to cater to businesses and corporate groups. The hotel has a massive indoor activity center, an old warehouse that has been converted to house a range of activities including wall climbing, badminton, and basketball. Events areas for casual and semi-formal events can be used for small and large group sessions, and teams can use landscaped areas within the business park as well.

See Marco Hotel's contact details here.

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