10 Places to Stay in Lake Sebu

10 Places to Stay in Lake Sebu

Planning a backpacking trip to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato? Here are 10 resorts to consider.
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Nestled cozily in the Tiruray Highlands of South Cotabato is Lake Sebu and the rustic town of the same name that boasts rich traditional culture preserved by the last remaining members of the T’boli tribe. The area draws adventurous visitors who want to witness the sublime beauty of the lake and experience life with the natives. It also has seven majestic waterfalls, all with scenic views, that can be seen up close via a nerve-wracking ride on a zipline. Humble homes found at the foothills of mountain slopes guide travelers in their trek up the steep mountains where they can have a longer, more interactive experience of the waterfalls.

Aside from breathtaking waterfalls and lush vegetation, Lake Sebu offers a peaceful environment for soul searching. Its serene atmosphere is a rare jewel greatly prized by natives and tourists alike. If you want to experience the joys of the T’boli’s simple yet fulfilling life, head south and stay in one of these 10 resorts in and around the area.
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Balben Family Cove

Balben Family Cove sits on the bank of the expansive lake and offers accommodations suitable for backpackers or small groups. It’s a secluded resort covered in lush vegetation and wide variety of unique flora only found in the Philippines.

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Estares Lake Resort

Estares Lake Resort is a modern resort tucked cozily along the side of Lake Sebu with several spacious rooms and villas that can accommodate large parties. A function room at the center of the resort can be a venue for luncheons or celebrations.

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Merl Garden Spring Resort

Amidst the rural scenery lies Merl Garden Spring Resort, a rustic resort with modern amenities. A sprawling pool with a panoramic view of the water beyond awaits guests at the resort.

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Monte Cielo

Monte Cielo is located on the slopes that surround the lakes, and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Initially a simple guest house for large groups, the lodge also offers home-cooked meals served in a garden with a panoramic view of the mountains and the lake below.

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Punta Isla Lake Resort

Punta Isla Lake Resort is a popular domestic resort with expansive grounds excellent for events and celebrations. Visitors can stop by the souvenir shop to buy pasalubong and try the native dishes at the floating restaurant.

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Lemobung Lodge and Restaurant / Tourism Lodge

Located on one of the steep hills surrounding the lake, Lemobung Lodge and Restaurant or the Tourism Lodge is a homey resort with modern facilities that provides quality lodging at a reasonable price.

Mountain Lake Eco-Resort

Mountain Lake Eco-Resort has interiors inspired by the T’boli tribe and boasts modern facilities amidst its rural setting. Their spacious dormitory-type rooms can accommodate big groups comfortably. A souvenir shop, karaoke room, and Wi-Fi access, are just some of the amenities available at the resort.

Mountain Log Resort

Mountain Log Resort is a rustic resort sprawled along the peaceful lakeside. Nipa-roofed cabanas and wooden bridges accentuate its native architecture and add a relaxing ambience to this venue.

Dolores Lake Resort

Dolores Lake Resort is a newly opened resort that has luxurious amenities and modern facilities. Their bar and restaurant serve a huge array of delightful native and international dishes.

Dolores Farm Resort

Located right outside Lake Sebu is a modern resort with amenities suitable for conferences and seminars. Several spacious halls and rooms fitted with modern facilities are excellent venues for events and celebrations. Guests can take a refreshing plunge in the pool and try mouthwatering dishes at the restaurant.
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