9 Naga City Hotels

9 Naga City Hotels

Visiting Naga for the Feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia? Find a hotel in the city that suits your needs.
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The Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is just around the corner, and people from all over the country will be heading to Naga City in Camarines Sur to take part in the famous festival. If you plan to visit Naga to participate in this well-known celebration, it's best that you book accommodations early. To help you out, we've put together a list of nine places to stay in Naga.

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Avenue Plaza Hotel

If you're looking for facilities and services much like those of hotels in Metro Manila, then you're in luck. Avenue Plaza Hotel, along Magsaysay Avenue, prides itself on the hospitality of the staff and the comfort of its accommodations. Read more about Avenue Plaza Hotel here.

CBD Plaza Hotel

Staying in Naga doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, especially not if you find comfortable, clean, and budget-friendly accommodations. CBD Plaza Hotel fits these criteria, and is conveniently located within the Central Business District for easy access. Read more about CBD Plaza Hotel here.

Crown Hotel

For a worry-free vacation, find accommodations that are well-established. Crown Hotel has been around for 30 years, and is considered one of the pioneer hotels in the area. It is located within Naga City's Central Business District. See Crown Hotel's contact details here.

Golden Leaf Hotel

Another establishment that isn't heavy on the budget is Golden Leaf Hotel on Misericordia Street. There are several room types so that solo travelers, couples, and families can be accommodated. Rooms here are air conditioned, have a private bathroom, and are equipped with cable TV. Learn more about Golden Leaf Hotel here.

Moraville Hotel & Restaurant

For a convenient but quiet city stay, one of the places to consider is Moraville Hotel & Restaurant. The hotel is located on a quiet street that is near enough to the business hub of the city. The hotel has spacious and well-appointed rooms as well. For more on Moraville Hotel & Restaurant, click here.

Naga Regent Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, Naga Regent Hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers. Aside from its convenient location, the hotel offers stylish and comfortable accommodations. Click here to see Naga Regent Hotel's contact details.

Nagaland Hotel

Convenience and cozy accommodations are guaranteed at Nagaland Hotel, which can be found in downtown Naga City. The hotel has its own café, is WiFi-accessible, and is right across the Nagaland E-Mall. Read more about Nagaland Hotel here.

Penafrancia Resort

Located in a quieter part of the city, Peñafrancia Resort is spacious and surrounded by greenery. This resort is ideal for guests in the city looking for somewhere peaceful and relaxing to stay. Learn more about Peñafrancia Resort here.

Villa Caceres Hotel

One option for a luxurious stay is Villa Caceres Hotel, where guests at the hotel can make use of the in-room massage and reflexology services. The hotel is located along Magsaysay Avenue. Find out more about Villa Caceres Hotel here.

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