Java Jazz Lodging House

Java Jazz Lodging House

Budget fan or aircon rooms located beneath an artsy café and gallery in Tagaytay City
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Java Jazz Lodging House has four backpacker-friendly budget rooms located beneath a roadside café and art gallery in Tagaytay City.


Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite
  • Along the ridge road on the way to Picnic Grove, but not on the ridge side
  • Near a local church and many other Tagaytay hotels, lodges, and establishments with rooms for rent
  • Rooms are located on the lower levels of a structure also housing a café and art gallery, which are visible from the main road
  • Accessible via public transport, particularly local tricycles

Ideal for:

  • Backpackers looking for budget rooms in an artsy bohemian setting
  • Foreign travelers looking to experience a slice of local culture; highly popular with international travelers as it was featured in the Lonely Planet Philippines guidebook


  • Basic rooms with painted concrete walls, tiled floors, and simple, functional furniture
  • room_2.jpg
    Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Bohemian ambiance of the sort preferred by globetrotting backpackers and budget travelers
  • The café and gallery are housed in a building with colorful walls, native wood furniture, and woven banig mats, with lots of vibrant, independent artwork lining the walls and floors


  • Four basic rooms with an option for ventilation by fan or air-conditioner; a single bathroom with basic  fixtures is shared between two rooms, each with direct access
  • Two rooms have queen beds, while two rooms have a twin setup using a pullout bed


Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Java Jazz Café and Restaurant, which serves coffee, hot chocolate, and freshly cooked meals
  • Art gallery selling paintings and other merchandise produced by local Cavite artists
  • WiFi sticks provided for guests upon request

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Java Jazz Café Façade

A colorful café by the side of the road to Tagaytay’s popular Picnic Grove and People’s Park in the Sky, Java Jazz is a counterculture favorite among budget travelers in the area. The café was mentioned in Lonely Planet’s Philippine guidebook, lending it even more street cred in artsy backpacker circles.

Java Jazz Café Interiors

The café’s interiors have a distinct native artsy character, with its simple unadorned lines, bright colors, and wooden furniture.

Java Jazz Café Merchandise

The café sells artwork, local coffee, and other delicacies.

Java Jazz Merchandise

Bags, shirts, and other items are also available.

Java Jazz Lodging House Twin Room

Basic lodgings are available just beneath the café. Echoing the café, the rooms have walls painted in bright hues and adorned with local artwork.

Java Jazz Lodging House Twin Room

The lodge has two twin rooms, each of which has a single bed with a pullout bed underneath.

Java Jazz Lodging House Queen Room

Java Jazz also has two rooms with queen beds.

Java Jazz Lodging House Common Area

The bare concrete of this sitting area is enlivened by the displayed works of art and rough wooden furniture.

Java Jazz Gallery Façade

Beside the café is a small gallery featuring the works of local Cavite artists.

Java Jazz Gallery

The owners of the café are artists themselves with strong connections in the local art scene, ensuring a steady supply of interesting pieces for sale and display.
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