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One of the biggest highlights when staying in the Subic Bay Area is Ocean Adventure. It is the first open-water marine theme park in the Philippines as well as Southeast Asia. It is a great place to go with the family and an ideal alternative to the traditional notion of what a theme park is. Instead of rides and typical theme park fare, guests will see a variety of marine life and learn about wildlife conservation, protection, and animal welfare. It is a unique experience at Ocean Adventure, which is full of learning opportunities that still remain fun and family friendly. At Ocean Adventure, you will be able to see an array of marine life all in one place, allowing you to witness and experience things without having to travel far and spend more than usual. Some of the highlights of the theme park, which are included with this package, are the Dolphin Show named Dolphin Tales where you can learn about three different dolphins, namely the Bottlenose Dolphins, the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, and the Rough-Toothed Dolphin. There is also the Sea Lion Show known as the Sea Lion Marine Patrol show where you learn about the South American Sea Lion, also known as the Patagonia Sea Lion. It is a charming show that mixes the cute and charm of these adorable creatures with information about them and the need to protect them. The package also includes a post-show Sea Lion Underwater Viewing after the show where you can witness sea lions swimming in their tank. And one of the bigger shows and attractions is the Wild World Show. Beyond the sea creatures that make up the bulk of the theme park, the Wild World Show introduces park goers to various rescued rainforest animals like the Philippine Scops Owl, the White Bellied Sea Eagle, the Palm Civet, and Palawan Bearcat to name a few. You get to interact with some of the animals during the show as well as play a few entertaining games along the way. There is even a survival expert who will give you tips about how to survive in the jungle. These are all entertaining shows that provide information on various animals. It can be a thrill to be able to see such creatures up close. With the affordable admission to Ocean Adventure, guests also have access to the Ocean Discovery Aquarium and the Learning Center. With all these attractions, it is certain that Ocean Adventure will allow everyone to have a fun time and be left in awe with how amazing marine creatures and other animals can be. You can get the best deals overall if you book only at, where it is just a little over PHP 500 for children ages 12 and below (children below 30 inches are free of charge). Meanwhile, adult rates are just below PHP 700. Ocean Adventure’s operating ours begin at nine in the morning up to six in the evening.

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Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Bataan, Philippines