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Take your adventure to new heights (literally!) with Trampoline Park's Flying Adventure! This exciting activity is guaranteed to bring you oodles of fun all the while giving you an awesome workout. Trampoline Park is located at The Portal in Mandaluyong City's Greenfield District. As the first trampoline park to open in the Philippines, it has the distinction of being the pioneer in offering this fun and one-of-a-kind activity that is perfect for urban travelers who are searching for a new and unique thing to do in the city. With its Flying Adventure activity, bookers can enjoy all access to all 70 trampolines of Trampoline Park. Not only that, but they are also entitled to try out the various activities that are offered onsite, ranging from sports and parkour. This specific package grants you one hour's worth of unlimited gravity-defying fun at Trampoline Park, all days of the week. For one whole hour, Trampoline Park will be your own playground. The Main Court is usually where the fun starts. With trampolines scattered all over its floors, you're free to jump around to your heart's content. You can start by warming up with a series of hops all around the trampoline squares to stretch your muscles. Once your body has adjusted, then you can be free to challenge yourself by jumping as high as you can go! Even better, you can make it a fun competition among your friends! See who can jump the highest or who can perform the most stunts. If you want to take your trampoline game to another level, head over to the Tumble Tracks section of Trampoline Park. Here, you can unleash your inner daredevil and practice stunts and parkour skills. Trampolines are lined up along its walls so you can not only jump up and down, but you can also jump sideways on the walls and try various flips and somersaults like a gymnast. There's also an area at Trampoline Park where you can dive and swim?into a pit of foam, that is! Filled with a thousand foam cubes, the Foam Pit guarantees a soft landing even if you jump as high as you can or perform the most daring stunt. If you're feeling exhausted after all that bouncing around, you can sit or lie amongst the foam cubes and relax while waiting to regain your strength to return to the court and do some more jumps and flips. Trampoline Park also makes it possible for you to enjoy trampolining and sports at the same time by offering ball games that are perfect for groups of friends and even families. Show off your hoop skills at the basketball area, where trampolines make it easier for you to propel to the basket and do an awesome slam dunk, or expertly dive, duck, dip, and dodge as you avoid getting hit by a ball during a dodgeball match. Whether you're in it for the experience or the exercise, your trampolining experience at Trampoline Park is guaranteed to be one of the best you will ever have. With a whole court dedicated to trampolining as well as various games and activities in store, this trampoline park is where you can release all of your stress and unleash your inner child.

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The Portal, Mayflower Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550