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A Glass of the Sea is an exhibition about the rich marine biodiversity in the Philippines. It aims to boast of the astounding beauty of marine life, and the importance of conserving biodiversity in the Coral Triangle. Forever Lab is a visual exhibition of the story of the human quest for longer lives. A collection of experiences and objects that examine our personal and cultural quest for longer lifespans, and the personal & social implications if we succeed in this endeavor. The Forever Lab exhibition may leave you pondering about the impact of the food we eat, work lifestyle, laughter and even marriage, on living longer. Enter this “fun house” to discover the FACTS and MYTHS about the teenage brain! Be amazed as you find out why the teenage body clock is different, why they learn so much in so little time, why their hearts easily blush or break, why they hardly talk or understand their parents, why they do not seem to think of the future and why their friends seem to matter more than their family.

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Crystal Corridor, Okada Manila, New Seaside Dr., Paranaque, Metro Manila