10 Artists' Retreats in the Philippines

As National Arts Month winds down, go on an inspiring vacation at these artists' havens around the country.

By Seleena Kate Male
February 24, 2012

While February is best known as love month in other parts of the world, in the Philippines, it's also the time to celebrate and promote the arts in all forms--visual, literary, theater, dance, music, cinema, and architecture. Established as National Arts Month in 1991 by Corazon Aquino's Presidential Proclamation No. 683, February comes alive with many events that allow Filipinos and foreigners alike to better appreciate Philippine art.

Regardless of the season, if you're looking to immerse yourself more in the art and culture of the different regions of the country, you can check out these artists' retreats. Some of the places on our list provide lodging and accommodations, some are galleries, and others are general areas with so many art-related places we found it hard to narrow them down. Created mostly by artists or families devoted to the arts, some transport you to a simpler time in Philippine history, while others paint an elaborate picture of the Spanish Colonial Era. Offering something distinct, each place allows visitors a glimpse into the country's colorful and diverse arts culture.