10 Beachfront Resorts Along Alona Beach

Maximize your stay at Bohol’s popular Alona Beach with these beachfront resorts that give you direct access to sea and sand.

Alona Beach on Panglao Island is easily the most popular and densely populated beach in Bohol. Ironically, though it is named after '70s sexy star Alona Alegre, who shot a scene running along the beach naked for one of her movies, Alona Beach isn't a wild and racy place, but instead a haven for divers and snorkelers, thanks to the lush coral reefs off the shore.

The beach itself is reason enough to visit, even for non-divers. The soft white sand beach stretches one and a half kilometers along the coast, and in many areas is wide enough to accommodate deck chairs and beach massages as well as seaside bars and restos, while leaving enough space for others strolling along the shore. The sea can get a bit crowded with docked pumpboats, and seaweed and urchins can plague the area during certain seasons, but swimming is still possible, especially at the eastern end of the beach.

Many resorts line the beach, ranging from backpacker havens to more luxe getaways, and offering immediate shore access to divers or wide expanses of sand for sunning or building sandcastles. If you're looking to book a beachfront resort to maximize your stay on Alona Beach, here are ten places to consider: