10 Boutique Hotels in Baguio

Rainy season blues? Spend a romantic weekend in Baguio, where the chilly weather is part of the appeal.

By Travelbook
July 20, 2012

Baguio is known as country’s summer capital because its cool climate draws visitors by the droves when the weather is steaming hot in the lowlands. Baguio’s charms, however, are not limited to travelers looking to escape the heat—its foggy mountainscapes and chilly air can also be enjoyed during the rainy season, when the fog sets in and temperatures dip to near-freezing levels (or as close as they can get to that in this country).

Regardless of the season, Baguio’s scenic spots are available year-round—there are several noteworthy art galleries, libraries, museums, hotels, and restaurants to see, making it a cosmopolitan destination for weekend warriors and city slickers out for a relaxing getaway.

While the drive to Baguio from Manila has been shortened considerably thanks to the SCTEx and the many alternate roads available, it’s still worth at least an overnight stay. Many weekend vacationers look forward to staying in the city’s charming boutique hotels that offer a unique experience, with their intricately designed themed rooms and specialized hotel interiors and facilities, all of which make their guests’ stay more flavorful.

If you’re planning a short (or long!) trip up north and are looking for a special place to stay, consider one of these 10 boutique hotels tucked away in the City of Pines.


Forest House Bed & Breakfast along Loakan Road is a four-room boutique hotel that boasts charming log-cabin interiors with rich country flair and delectable food choices. Each room is specially designed in an upland shabby chic style,  with wooden beds, rugged fabrics, and walls made of either wood or brick. The rooms have direct access to Forest House’s popular steak restaurant, and is a short drive away from Camp John Hay.

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Heritage Mansion
along Kisad Road is a converted heritage home turned boutique hotel with a classical theme most evident in the lobby, restaurant, and hallways. Each room has a simple yet luxurious style and comes complete with basic modern day amenities.

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High Point Boutique Inn is a quaint hotel situated along Kennon Road on the outskirts of the city. The interior is a mix of Zen simplicity and Cordillera culture. The restaurant and garden have simple elegant interiors suitable for couples who want to engage in intimate conversations; the hotel can also accommodate larger gatherings and events with their outdoor dining pavilion.

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Those with extra cash to spend can stay in Hotel Elizabeth along Felipe Street. Room interiors have a simple aesthetic appeal with furniture and linens in pastel colors. Gazebos stationed outside the hotel are suitable for outdoor activities such as picnics and alfresco dining.

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PNKY Home Bed & Breakfast along Leonard Wood Road has an artistic vintage style that is accentuated by the decades-old home where the rooms are found as well as its green hillside setting. Sprawling trees and flora envelop this simple abode, giving it a relaxing and tranquil ambiance. A small café serves quirky travel-themed dishes and local treats.

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Casa Vallejo located along Leonard Wood Road has amenities that might interest guests inclined to history, the arts, and literature. The adjacent Mt Cloud is home to a wide selection of books from different genres. Other connected establishments include North Haven Spa, which offers a variety of indigenous massage packages and the Hill Station Restaurant, which serves sophisticated home-cooked meals.

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Situated along the Upper Military Cutoff Road is Chalet Baguio, a small hotel that offers neat and stylish rooms with a view and a KTV room for emphatic singers. The hotel’s in-house restaurant, Dulcinea, offers Spanish and native cuisine served in a dining area overlooking the hills below.

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Azalea Residences Baguio in Leonard Wood Loop has well-appointed suites and first class amenities suitable for couples or large groups. Each room has a living area and kitchen facilities that encourage guests to stay in and enjoy the cold weather while tucked amidst the freshly washed sheets.

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Baguio Burnham Suites along Kisad Road offers classy accommodations at a modest price. Bedrooms have lavish interiors and are fitted with modern appointments. The cozy ambience of the rooms is suitable for couples and large families.

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Baguio Country Club, located along the eponymous Country Club Road, has exquisitely tailored mountain suites and cottages. Cottages are fitted with cooking facilities and the ubiquitous Baguio fireplace and are spacious enough to fit large groups.

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