10 Hotels in Metro Cebu to Try for Last Minute Bookings

Planning to join the Sinulog festivities but haven’t booked a room yet? Here are 10 hotels to consider.

By Betty Tianco
January 03, 2012

Cebu City explodes every year in January with the celebration of the Sinulog Festival. The month-long festivities draw visitors in as early as the first week of January, when the kick-off takes place, well beyond the culminating grand parade at the end of the second week. Tourist arrivals swell and it can be difficult to get a room, especially near the city center, where most of the activities take place.

If you're planning to join the festivities but haven't booked a room yet, here are some hotels you can try. The Cebu City hotels listed below run the range from budget hostels and value hotels to international five star hotel chains and casinos. These hotels generally have a lot of rooms (or beds, in the case of hostels), making the chances of confirming a last-minute booking more likely. Though the festival season brings super peak rates, some hotels have special Sinulog rates, so shop around to get the best deal before booking—but don't wait too long, or the other Sinulog revelers may beat you to it!