10 Must-Have Kayaking Accessories

Some basic essentials and accessories to pimp out your kayak to the next level.

By Mathew S. Chan
October 29, 2016

kayaking accessories

Kayaking can be considered the backpacking of water travel. And with that, you’ll need some kayaking accessories and essentials to deck out your boat as well as to make sure you experience the best and most comfortable adventure you can possibly have.

So now you have your kayak and the destinations you want to go to, it’s time to pimp your ride with the following kayaking accessories and must-haves.

1. Tent and Sleeping Bag
If you are planning to kayak from one island to another and spend the night there, you obviously need a tent and or a sleeping bag with you. You can easily purchase small sized sleeping bags and tents from department stores and specialty shops. They don’t take up a lot of space in your kayak so it’s very handy. If you want to sleep under the stars, then just a sleeping bag should be okay. Remember to pack it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet.

2. Extra Paddle
When you are out in sea, you can never tell what could happen. It’s always best to have an extra paddle in case you break or lose the one you’re using. You can buy a full paddle or a foldable one that you can store easily inside the kayak.

You may also want to get a paddle clip so you can just attach it to the side to save space. It also works with fishing rods.

3. Seat Back
A basic kayak doesn’t have a backrest so it can get very uncomfortable to sit on it for a long period. You can buy a portable seat back to provide you with solid lumbar support and to make your trip less strenuous. You can buy a simple thermo-pad seat back or you can go all out with a seat cover and longer back support.

4. Hatch Kits
Depending on the model and type of kayak you have, there are several types of hatch kits you can install to store your things inside the cavity of the boat: from small hatch locks for smaller sized items to fishing pods for rods and other essentials.

5. Ice Box Storage Pod
If you are going on a recreational trip like fishing, it’s a must to have an ice box storage pod. It fits perfectly at the back of your kayak, and you can store the fish you’ve caught as well as ice and some cold beverages you might have. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink during a nice, hot afternoon of fishing.

6. Folding Anchor
This is another essential accessory if you love to swim and fish while kayaking. Invest in a small and foldable anchor that can easily be stored in your kayak. Bring it out when you find a good spot in the middle of the sea where you can stop and chill for a while. A folding anchor is also easily lowered and raised when needed.

7. Rudder Kit
Though not exactly necessary for a casual trip, a rudder kit is very useful if you are going through fast or rough waters. It can help you steer the kayak as you paddle through a rough waterway for a more stable voyage.

8. Kayak Cover Seal and Security Cables
Once you’ve made land to settle down for the day, it’s best to have a kayak cover seal so you can protect your vessel from getting wet or the harsh sunlight that can potentially damage it. Of course, have security cables or bungee cords and a padlock to properly secure and buckle down your kayak for safety and security purposes.

9. Carry Handles
Instead of loading a portable trolley in your kayak that will only take some space, you can install carry handles instead. They come very handy when you want to drag your boat around (depending on the design, your kayak can be very easy to lift). You can also install straps to make it even easier to carry.

10. Duct Tape and Epoxy Glue
Repairing plastic kayaks are relatively easy, but when you are on the go, it can be difficult to have the tools you need. It’s good to have some duct tape and epoxy glue with you for some quick cosmetic fixes. If you encounter a tiny hole or notice a crack, you can quickly repair them with the tape or glue depending on the damage. Of course, remember to have them professionally repaired the moment you get back.