10 Places to Stay in Lake Sebu

Planning a backpacking trip to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato? Here are 10 resorts to consider.

Nestled cozily in the Tiruray Highlands of South Cotabato is Lake Sebu and the rustic town of the same name that boasts rich traditional culture preserved by the last remaining members of the T’boli tribe. The area draws adventurous visitors who want to witness the sublime beauty of the lake and experience life with the natives. It also has seven majestic waterfalls, all with scenic views, that can be seen up close via a nerve-wracking ride on a zipline. Humble homes found at the foothills of mountain slopes guide travelers in their trek up the steep mountains where they can have a longer, more interactive experience of the waterfalls.

Aside from breathtaking waterfalls and lush vegetation, Lake Sebu offers a peaceful environment for soul searching. Its serene atmosphere is a rare jewel greatly prized by natives and tourists alike. If you want to experience the joys of the T’boli’s simple yet fulfilling life, head south and stay in one of these 10 resorts in and around the area.