10 Resort-Based Casinos

Casinos based in luxury resorts are a big draw even during the lean season, in addition to the many entertainment options available.

Hotels and resorts with casinos attract guests even during lean season, because the casino provides an attraction that is not seasonal or weather-based. Even though the casino may be the main feature, amenities such as swimming pools, spas, restaurants, theaters, and many more also draw out crowds for the experience that comes with staying in the resort. These types of hotels are popular among balikbayans and local high flyers and high rollers who like to spoil themselves with the good things in life.

The whole gang can find a leisurely way to spend their time within the confines of such resorts. Kids can swim and play in the pool, while the ladies can bond over a cup of tea in the lounge or while having a massage in the spa. The men of the house can try their luck at the slot machines or in a game of poker at the casinos. Couples can spend an intimate date watching a movie or play at the resort theater or enjoying a romantic meal at the hotel restaurant.

At resorts built around casinos and entertainment amenties, there's always a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you're thinking of heading out to play some cards or simply to enjoy the accommodations in or out of the city, here are 10 resort-based casinos for you to choose from.