10 Resorts with Day Trip Packages

Taking advantage of day trips bundling resort use and tours can simplify planning for company outings and clan gatherings.

It's always a challenge to plan a short vacation when you're going with a big group looking for fun and adventure, and everyone wants to pack in as many activities as possible. There's the research you need to do to find out about a destination and its attractions and activities. Then there's the logistics nightmare of coordinating the schedules of everyone in the group. And finally, making arrangements with the hotels and resorts, the restaurants, and the activity centers. With all the trouble you have to go to, it can seem more appropriate to save the activity-packed trips for long weekends and summer vacations, instead of trying to squeeze everything into a single day.

Enter the day trip, a surprisingly simple convenience the harried traveler is sure to appreciate. Understanding the need for pre-planned and bundled services, many resorts have fashioned day trip packages designed to give their guests the best experience that the resort and the neighboring areas can offer.  These packages include entrance, meals, use of the resort's facilities, and sometimes day tours of the environs as well.  With the wide range of activities offered, groups can split up and regroup as needed-and, because these packages only cover the length of a day, the short amount of time that needs to be blocked off makes it likelier to find a schedule that suits everyone.

Read on for 10 resorts around the country that offer day trip packages, for small family groups to huge corporate teams.