10 Songs To Include In Your Summer Road Trip Playlist

Good music + good company = best summer ever.

By Raphael Mones
March 16, 2016


With the heat intensifying in the last couple of days, summer is undeniably here. By now, we’re raring to escape to the beaches of Batangas or revel in the cool climate of Baguio. More importantly, we can’t wait to hit the freeway for a road trip with the good ol' gang.

And what's a road trip without music? Here are a couple of our favorite hits that will pump up your excitement while on your way to that much-needed and well-deserved break.

1. “Domino” - Jessie J

This upbeat Jessie J classic sets the tone for the fun days ahead.

2. “A Thousand Miles” - Vanessa Carlton

Perfect if you and your friends want to sing and goof around in the car. And because the movie White Chicks made this a road trip staple.

3. “Sunny Day” - Joy Williams

A feel good song that instantly adds a joyful and carefree mood to the long drive.

4. “Teenage Dream” - Katy Perry

“Let’s run away and don’t ever look back.”

5. “Sugar” - Maroon 5

Nothing like watching the roadside while listening to some disco and funk tunes from Adam Levine and the rest of the boys.

6. “Love On Top” - Beyoncé

Need a fun way to pass time? Here’s a song that you can challenge everyone to a sing-off to.

7. “The Days” - Avicii

“These are the days we've been waiting for,
And days like these who couldn't ask for more,
Keep them coming,
Cause we're not done yet,
These are the days we won't regret,
These are the days we won't forget.”

8. “22” - Taylor Swift

“Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines."

And because regardless of age, as long as we’re with our crew, we’ll always feel like 22.

9. “Oath” - Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G

Because this road trip is an oath that you and your friends are going to be best friends ‘til the very end.

10. “Best Day of My Life” - American Authors

If you’ve been very busy lately, this road trip is guaranteed to be the best day of your li-i-i-i-ife.
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