31 Laguna Hot Spring Resorts

Relax in the natural spring pools that Laguna is known for.

By Bianca Ma. Guerrero, Rhea J. Bernardino
January 22, 2014

Night view of Makiling Highlands Resort hot spring pool

One of Laguna's most popular attractions are the natural springs, many of which are hot springs--so much so that one of its cities is named Los Baños, a Spanish name that literally translates to "the baths" or "bathing place." The waters of these springs are believed to be therapeutic, which accounts for why the springs are so popular. Los Baños isn't the only place in Laguna that has several known natural springs--in fact, the Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines is Calamba City. Here are some resorts around Laguna with spring water pools that you may want to try:


San Pablo City