20 Zipline Locations in the Philippines

Adventure seekers of all ages—even kids—can experience the thrill of flying down these 20 different ziplines all over the country.

By Bianca Ma. Guerrero
April 06, 2012

People travel for many reasons: to experience something new, see the sights, and get a dose of adventure. One activity that meets all these needs is a ride along a zipline.

Ziplines are usually metal cables set up from high ground, slanting down to a lower area. Connected to the cable is a pulley with a harness meant to hold people as they zip down to lower ground. The ride is usually a scenic one, and it can feel like flying. Some ziplines will have you propped up in a sitting position; others require you to lie on your stomach and zip down the line Superman-style; yet another variation involves the rider standing or sitting on a platform or cable car.

Tree Top Adventure Zipline in Subic
Photography: Dindo Apron Fortuno

Ziplines are becoming more and more popular, not just with die-hard adventure-seekers, but with families and kids as well. Zip zones and adventure parks are cropping up all over the Philippines, and are becoming attractions in themselves. Below is a lost of different zip zones around the country. Click on the names of the establishments to view their contact details.


  • A new Tree Top Adventure facility has recently opened in Baguio City's Camp John Hay. Aside from the 60-meter Superman zipline, the facility features the Silver Surfer Ride, which allows guests to glide from tower to tower while standing on a see-saw-like device. (The Tree Top Adventure in Baguio does not yet have a direct line, but inquiries can be made through their Subic branch.)
Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) Zipline
Photography: Lorela U. Sandoval

  • If you find yourself in La Union post surfing season, Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) in Pugo, La Union has three ziplines of varying lengths (at 100, 150 and 380 meters) to satisfy your craving for adventure and an adrenaline rush. The ziplines cross over rice fields and a river through the village of Kagaling.
  • The Treetop Adventure facility in Subic offers adventure packages for groups. A ride on their Superman zipline, spanning 130 meters, is a part of an adventure package that includes traveling through the treetops by crossing hanging bridges and motorized cable lines.
  • Camp Explore in Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo caters to groups looking for adventure. The facility offers a rope course that includes the 380-meter long Slide for Life zipline, amid forests at the foot of Sierra Madre.
  • Manila residents need not travel far to find a zipline. The La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City has a 110-meter zipline and swimming package for those who want to be one with nature but can't leave the city.
    Ligñon Hill Nature Park Zipline
    Photography: Bianca Ma. Guerrero
  • Corregidor Island is more than just a historical destination-with the 300-meter ROCKet Zipline it is an adventure destination as well. The Rocket Zipline starts at Corregidor Inn and ends at South Beach, ferrying its riders across approximately one-fifth of the island.
  • View the Taal Volcano from 300 feet off the ground-take the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car near Picnic Grove. The park has four ziplines, with a total of 250 meters in length, and one cable car. Each ride comes with a free souvenir photo. The facility is open all days of the week, from 9AM to 6PM.
  • Ligñon Hill in Legazpi City, Albay is a popular spot for viewing Mayon Volcano and Legaspi City. The hill is also home to a zipline facility 160 meters above the ground and 100 meters in length-a relatively short ride providing an excellent view of Mayon Volcano. Other ziplines in Albay include the Embarcadero de Legazpi zipline, which is open to the public, and the Cagraray Eco Park zipline, which is exclusively for the use of Misibis Bay Resort guests.


  • Boracay Island, one of the most popular beach and party destinations in the country, offers more than just pristine white sands and famed nightspots-it also has the Boracay Zipline at Fairways and Blue Water. The zipline facility is 80 feet above sea level and stretches out 300 meters, providing a bird's eye view of the island.
  • Fly by wire over a lake at the Mambukal Mountain Resort at Murcia, Negros Occidental for an adrenaline rush and a tour of nearly the entire resort all at once.
  • Get an adrenaline rush at The Rush Zipline at Tierra Alta in Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental, which has a 600-meter long zipline that guests can ride in four different ways: superman, tandem, sitting, and inverted.
  • For those hungry for adventure or just plain hungry, stop by the Adventure Café in Gaas, Balamban, Cebu, the country's first resto-adventure café that offers food plus zipline, wall climbing, rappelling, and stress wall facilities.
  • For travelers in Bohol looking for adventure, check out the Danao Adventure Park in Carmen, Bohol. Zip down the line Superman-style over a gorge on the 480-meter Suislide. Try the Sky Ride or the cable car for a more relaxing ride. Guests can also go on the park's Ziplet for a fun zipline ride not too far above the ground.


  • At 840 meters in length, the Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipzone in Bukidnon is home to Asia's longest zipline. See the Mountains of Bukidnon from a distance as you zip down the Dahilayan Zipzone.
  • Suspended 60 meters above the ground is The Macahambus Adventure Park zipline in Cagayan de Oro, which stretches out 110 meters over forests. At present, the park is temporarily closed for renovation, but it will re-open on the first week of March.
Eden Nature Park Zipline
Photography: Chabeli Coscolluela

  • Adventurous parents can take their kids with them on the zipline at Outland Adventure in Davao City. Small children get 50% off for a tandem ride. Outland Adventure's Xcelerator 730-meter zipline is the tallest and fastest in the country, and gives its riders a view of Davao City.
  • For an excellent view of the Davao Gulf and Mt. Apo from above, try the 320-meter Zip City zipline in Davao City.
  • Camp SABROS, located in Digos City, Davao del Sur and across part of Mt. Apo, offers the highest zipline in the country. The facility boasts 820-meter and 400-meter long ziplines, but less adventurous guests can try riding the 380-meter zipline with a partner. These ziplines treat the rider to a view of the forests of Mt. Apo from above.
  • Seven Falls at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato takes you zipping through the air with a partner. After an initial stop at the first 740 meters, it continues on for another 400 meters, passing by four waterfalls and through a vast expanse of forest.