Batanes Tourist Spots to Add to Your Bucket List

Here are 25 Batanes Tourist Spots that are incredible and worth visiting.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
August 31, 2018

25 Batanes Tourist Spots That You Shouldn't Miss

batanes tourist spots

Batanes used to be a far-fetched destination that only the adventurous can conquer, but now, more and more travelers are beginning to appreciate its wonders. Whether it'll be your first time to see the country's northernmost province or you're planning to come back to rediscover the place, it has plenty of spots that are worth your time. Read through this incredible list of 25 Batanes tourist spots to know what you should expect on your trip!

Batan Island

1. Basco Lighthouse

Photo by Bingbing via Wikimedia Commons

This six-story-tall lighthouse is one of Basco's most renowned landmarks. Together with the lighthouses of Sabtang and Mahatao towns, it was constructed by the former congressman of Batanes. Basco Lighthouse was the first to be finished in 2003.

2. Diura Fishing Village

Not far from the Mahatao town proper is the Diura Village. The community's primary livelihood is fishing and to kick off the beginning of fishing season, its members perform the age-old ritual they call kapayvanuvanu in the hopes of a bountiful catch. If you want to witness this amazing ritual performed, you might want to time your visit in March or April.

3. San Carlos Borromeo Church

Photo by KisekiLacroix via Wikimedia Commons

Mahatao's parish church is declared as a National Cultural Treasure in 2001 due to its architectural prowess and impressive state of preservation. Built during the Spanish colonial era, it is made of stone and lime and set in the Baroque architecture style.

4. House of Dakay

Photo by The Official Website of the Provincial Government of Batanes

If you want to see the oldest stone house ever to be constructed in the entire province, then House of Dakay is worth visiting. This stone house has retained its original foundation, with its cogon roof replaced every few decades.

5. Honesty Coffee Shop

Photo by Lino Jubilan, Jr.

Perhaps Batanes' best known example of its low crime rate is the Honesty Coffee Shop. This novelty café does not have any cashier or staff and instead banks on people's honesty to pay for the coffee and goods that they got from the store.

6. Rakuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills)

Photo by Greenthumb331 via Flickr Creative Commons

Featuring rolling grasslands and an amazing view of the coast, Rakuh a Payaman is one of the most beautiful sights in Batanes. It is often referred to as Marlboro Hills or Marlboro Country by many locals and travelers.

7. Tayid Lighthouse

Photo by roger alcantara via Flickr Creative Commons

Tayid Lighthouse is the lighthouse of the Mahatao municipality. Facing the Pacific Ocean, this hexagonal structure offers a magnificent view of Mt. Iraya and Diura Fishing Village.

8. Valugan Boulder Beach

Photo by Allan Ascana via Flickr Creative Commons

Batanes has numerous beaches but what makes Valugan Beach unique from others is its shore, which is dotted with smooth volcanic rocks. Swimming is not recommended because of the monstrous waves, but it remains a sight to behold. This magnificent beach faces the Pacific Ocean.

9. Fundacion Pacita

Photo by tharty via Flickr Creative Commons

Pacita Abad is a world-renowned painter who hails from Basco. Fundacion Pacita was once her home studio and is now a hotel. Adorned by her artworks as well as of other artists, the homey accommodation sits atop a hill and gives way to an amazing landscape and seascape view.

10. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

For a touch of history on your tour, make sure to visit the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel. Built during World War II by locals, this interconnected network of tunnels served as a hideaway for Japanese soldiers.

11. Tukon Church

This small but beautiful church was constructed by local artisans in the style of the traditional Ivatan stone house. Also known as Mt. Carmel Church, its façade and interiors are adorned by religious artworks that were crafted by local artists.

12. Mahatao Hedgerows

Photo by bingbing via Wikimedia Commons

The stunning pattern of tall crops known as liveng that surround Mahatao's farm fields not only makes for a remarkable and picture-perfect sight, but also protects the locals' produce from destruction brought on by wild animals as well as unfavorable weather and other bad environmental conditions.

13. Alapad Hill Pass and Rock Formation

Tucked in Barangay Imnajbu is Alapad Hill Pass, a marvelous hill with a view deck where you can gaze upon the view of the ocean.

14. Ruins of Songsong

Photo by anne_jimenez via Flickr Creative Commons

Barangay Songsong in Uyugan was ravaged by a tsunami in the 1950s and as a result, buildings and homes were destroyed, forcing the locals to relocate. Now a ghost town, Sonsong features various ruins that serve as reminders of its past.

15. Vayang Rolling Hills

Another iconic attraction in Batanes is the Vayang Rolling Hills, which will entice you to sing like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. You can also expect an impressive view of the West Philippine Sea.

Sabtang Island

16. Savidug Village

Photo by Iris Emata

Savidug Village is one of two villages in Sabtang Island known for their traditional stone houses. This destination is ideal for those who want to know more about the unique architectural styles and other customs of the native people of Batanes.

17. Chavayan Village

Chavayan Village is another village that was able to preserve and continue the tradition of living in stone houses in Batanes. The locals have a shop here where you can rent or purchase various handcrafted items including the vakul, the traditional Ivatan headdress.

18. Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Photo by Greenthumb331 Wikimedia Commons

It seems that Batanes does not run out of rolling hills. Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint, much like Marlboro Hills and Vayang Hills, also has rugged pastures and features a view of the gorgeous Sabtang coast.

19. Nakabuang Beach and Mahayaw Arch

Photo by Jcabatuan via Wikimedia Commons

Batanes also has its own white sand beach. Nakabuang Beach, also known as Morong Beach, features majestic waters and a shoreline dotted with powdery white sand. A special feature of the beach is the Mahayaw Arch, a natural geological formation that is truly Instagrammable.

20. Duvek Bay

Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap

One of Batanes's best kept-secrets, Duvek Bay is characterized by its peaceful waters and beautiful cliffs. Locals and tourists come here to swim and snorkel.

21. Sabtang Lighthouse

Photo by Allan Ascano via Flickr Creative Commons

Greeting tourists as they arrive at Sabtang Port is Sabtang's very own lighthouse. Out of the three lighthouses in Batanes, it is the only one not located in Batan Island.

22. Chawa Viewdeck

If you haven't had enough of seeing views of the coast, then Chawa Viewdeck is an attraction that is not to be missed. Feel the adrenaline as you hike to the top and be rewarded with the breathtaking view of the West Philippine Sea when you get there.

Itbayat Island

23. Torongan Cave

Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap

Torongan Cave gives you a taste of adventure in Itbayat Island. A one-to-two-hour hike leads you to this amazing cave filled with interesting formations and archeological finds.

24. Rapang Cliff

Photo by Rodrigo C. Yap

If the trek to Torongan Cave is not enough to satisfy your craving for adrenaline, then maybe the hike to Rapang Cliff might. This beautiful spot allows you to encounter nature and wildlife like the grazing animals of the locals.

25. Ivatan Burial Mound

Photo by Wilbert Gonzales

At the top of the Torongan Hill is a boat-shaped burial marker, which is believed to be the burial grounds of the ancient Ivatan settlers. It can be attributed to the indigenous Ivatan's belief that their final resting place is the sea.

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