The Fright Tours Challenge: Are You Up for It?

Round up the gang for a spook-tacular Halloween adventure in Baguio!

By Rhea J. Bernardino
September 07, 2018

The 'ber months have officially arrived, and for us Filipinos, this marks the start of the Christmas countdown. In the midst of all the holiday buzz, we sometimes forget that there's another special occassion that comes before that in October—Halloween.

It's not our biggest holiday, but celebrating Halloween in the Philippines has become exciting in the past few years. Most of us still visit cemeteries to remember our loved ones, but many have also been active in joining trick-or-treats. Additionally, going to haunted spots is also making a comeback.

A chilling encounter

When it comes to haunted places, Baguio City will have plenty to offer. It is known for its chilly temperature, but if you prefer the kind of chill that runs down your spine for your Halloween getaway, then skip the usual tourist attractions in the City of Pines and opt for the lesser-explored ones, which you'll discover through the Pine City Fright Tours.

Operated by the only licensed ghost tour guide in all of Baguio, The Fright Tours will take you on a hair-raising journey to Baguio's spookiest places, some of which include the Laperal Mansion, the Diplomat Hotel, and the Haunted Cemetery. Discover the dark past of these places and learn about why they were considered haunted through the masterful storytelling of Anton Abrille, your tour guide to the supernatural. This unique tour has also gained positive reviews in TripAdvisor.

A spooky deal

When it gets too scary, you might need someone to hang on to so better call the entire gang to have someone to share a spooky but amazing experience with. Fortunately, has a deal that's just perfect for your barkada's Halloween trip.

For the whole month of September, you'll get six (6) free vouchers for The Fright Tours when you book a minimum of six vouchers! Choose between the Regular tour with four haunted spots in the itinerary and the Deluxe tour with five haunted spots. These vouchers are valid until October 31, 2018—just in time for your Halloween scare with the gang.

Do you dare?

If you and your pals are brave enough to accept the challenge, take a look at these two haunted spots that are included in the itinerary to get you pumped up:

Laperal Mansion

Standing along Leonard Wood Road, Laperal Mansion used to be the summer vacation home of the renowned Laperal family. It was built in the 1930s and is dubbed as Baguio City's White House because of its façade. Over the years, locals and tourists have recounted ghostly encounters when they visited this place, which can be attributed to its dark past—during World War II, it served as a garrison where many were said to have perished in the hands of Japanese soldiers. In addition, it is where the head of the family, Roberto Laperal, tragically died when he fell down the staircase.

Diplomat Hotel

Photo by e45375 via Flickr Creative Commons

The ruins of the Diplomat Hotel are hauntingly beautiful atop Baguio's Dominical Hill. Originally built in 1911 as a vacation house for Dominican priests and nuns, it eventually became a garrison for Japanese soldiers in World War II and witnessed many atrocities committed by the Kempeitai, the military police of the Japanese forces, before being bombed beyond recognition by American forces. In 1945, it underwent a series of renovations but it was only in 1973 when it started operating as the Diplomat Hotel managed by Tony Agpaoa, a businessman and famous faith healer in Baguio. After he died in 1973, the hotel ceased to operate.

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