What to Expect in the New Boracay

Lots of changes will be implemented on your return to paradise.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
October 01, 2018

If you're like us who have been waiting for October to arrive so we can finally grace the white sand shores of Boracay again, know that the long wait is over. Boracay is set to have its soft opening on October 26, 2018!

After six months of rehabilitation, the country's renowned beach paradise will once again welcome local and foreign tourists, as per the Department of Tourism (DOT). However, you can expect that there will be some changes on how things will go.

Pushing for sustainable tourism in Boracay, the DOT mentioned a few of its plans for the unveiling of Boracay in some reports and interviews. Here are a few things you can expect when you revisit Boracay:

1. Only 6,405 tourists can enter Boracay per day

In the past, there is no limit to the number of tourists arriving in Boracay. According to DILG, the population of the island has been swelling to 100,000 people during peak season. This time, the government plans to limit the number of arriving tourists to only 6,405 per day starting October 26. At this rate, the island will only have a maximum of 19,000 visitors. Since there will be less people on the island, you can expect the serene tropical atmosphere of Boracay to be more noticeable regardless of the season.

2. Bye bye Laboracay

Boracay's image of being a "party island" is no longer the case as the DOT plans to prohibit huge festivities. This means there are no more big events and parties like Laboracay that can be held in the island. If you wish to enjoy the nightlife, it appears that this is still possible in some of the bars and clubs around (though a curfew is being considered). If you’ve always wanted to spend a holiday like Labor Day in Boracay but shied away from it because of the throngs of party animals, here’s your chance to have a more peaceful vacation.

3. An even more relaxing White Beach

Since the incredible White Beach is undeniably Boracay’s crowning feature, the government will be implementing several changes to preserve its quality. Souvenir shops, food stalls, massage beds, and even beach umbrellas will be strictly prohibited along the beachfront. Smoking, drinking, and even fire dancing are also no longer allowed. This means that you can go barefoot when walking along the beach without worrying about stepping on debris like cigarette butts, broken glass, or any sharp object.

4. Bring your own bottle

In addition to beefing up the no-littering ordinance, the local government of Boracay also wants to ban single-use plastics on the island such as straws, spoons and forks, sando bags, food packages, and more. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants are encouraged to make use of environmentally-friendly materials and in addition, tourists are expected to bring reusable materials such as metal straws, utensils, and eco bags. If you will bring your own toiletries like shampoo and conditioner, it is better to store them in reusable plastic bottles than using individual sachets.

5. Limited number of hotel rooms will be available

Another measure that the government will be undertaking to curb tourist population on Boracay is by offering a limited number of rooms for guests. Only the hotels and resorts who are able to obtain permits and clearances will be allowed to operate come opening day. The DOT pegged the number of available rooms to 5,000 for the initial run but over time, more rooms will be opened.

Here are some of the hotels in the new Boracay that you can book on TravelBook.ph:

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Casa Pilar Beach Resort

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Note: Rooms are subject to availability.

Boracay Side Trips

Even water sports and beach activities like island hopping, helmet diving, and the like will either be limited or banned for the time being in Boracay when it opens on October 26. If you feel like going for more after your trip to the island, why not have side trips to nearby underrated destinations? Here are some of the places you can discover along the way:

Carabao Island, Romblon

Many say that it resembles the Boracay of old. Just over an hour away by boat, this stunning island is home to white sand beaches, a magnificent underwater world perfect for diving and snorkeling, and caves for spelunking. It offers travelers with a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.


Photo by Ree Dexter via Flickr Creative Commons

Adjacent to the town of Malay where Boracay is located is Buruanga town, which is also a haven full of several white sand beaches including Hinugtan Beach and Talisay Beach if you want to veer away from the crowd. Featuring crystal clear waters, these beaches are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Antique may just be one of the most underrated provinces in the country. It offers many unique experiences for travelers, ike taking a dip in the cool waters of Malumpati Cold Spring in Panda outn, trying the famed Kawa Bath in Tibiao, aeexploring the hills and beaches Malalison Island in Culasi. From Boracay, it's about a two to three-hour journey.