12 Destinations That Should Be on Your 2019 Bucket List

Start plotting your adventures!

By Angela Cawaling
January 09, 2019

The Philippines is known for its breathtaking tourist spots and beautiful islands, but there are still a lot that remains undiscovered.

If you are a traveler who loves to explore and discover hidden destinations, check out these off-the-grid spots that you should include in your travel bucket list this 2019.


Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas

Photo by CJ5241 via flickr

If seeing the Taal Lake has become too typical already, you need to see it from the summit of Mt. Maculot in Batangas this time.

Venturing into a Mt. Maculot day hike will take you to a challenging Rockies-Summit-Grotto trail that is exclusive in this mountain. The trek may not be the easiest, but everything will be worth it once you reach the Rockies, the vantage point where you can see the best view of the Taal Lake. The experience is made even more special with the fresh breeze that will rejuvenate you after the journey. Following the trail will lead you to the grotto; just be patient because you need to take 1000 steps with the Stations of the Cross along the way.

SIDE TRIP TIP: Try the Batangas Lomi at the nearby eateries after the trek. It tastes really good!
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Codcod Rice Terraces, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Photo by Alliah's Beautiful Paradise via Facebook

The Codcod Rice Terraces is often compared to the Banaue Rice Terraces because of its similarities in appearance. Located near the foot of Mt. Kanlaon, the Codcod Rice Terraces was the result of the hard work and dedication of the locals in the community. That alone, plus the fresh and cool breeze in Negros Occidental, makes this the perfect destination for sightseeing and soul-searching this year.
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Jomalig Island, Quezon Province

Photo by Ervin Malicdem via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for an unspoiled beach destination, Jomalig Island should be included in your bucket list. Its golden sand and lovely turquoise water will steal your heart. Here, you’ll also meet the kindest people—the Jomaligins, who go the extra mile to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay. The beauty of the island, the serenity of the place, and the warm welcome of their locals are enough to make your visit and experience in this paradise extraordinary.
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Callao Cave, Peñablanca, Cagayan

Photo by mkirader via flickr

Callao Cave is one of the most sought-after caves in the Philippines but many are yet to experience what it has to offer. It differs from the rest because of its chapel where tourists can offer a prayer upon arrival or before leaving the area. It has nine beautiful chambers (two of which were closed due to an earthquake in 1980s) with crevices that allow sunlight to illuminate the surroundings. The effect is quite magical when you see the rays of the sun pass through the ceiling down to the cave floors.
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The Ruins, Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Photo by Lee via flickr

If you are a hopeless romantic, this destination will not only steal your time but also your heart. The Ruins is what’s left of the ancestral mansion of the family of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a wealthy sugar businessman. Don Mariano built the mansion to honor his deceased wife, Maria Braga Lacson, and as a reminder of her love for him and their children. Due to its romantic backstory and exceptional design, the Ruins is mostly visited by couples and families especially at night with its charming ambient lights.


Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur

Photo by Bro. Jeffry Pioquinto, SJ via flickr

Hinatuan Enchanted River is proof that there is more to Surigao than its marvelous beaches.  Despite many urban legends that surround the place, the Hinatuan Enchanted River is a scenic and underrated body of water that will make you feel like you’re in a fantasy world. The clear and blue waters are so clear that you can see the fishes and the riverbed itself. You can go swimming and diving in the river with its depths that are said to be protected and inhabited by ancient spirits and mythical creatures.
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Garin Farm, Iloilo City

Photo by Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort via Facebook

Let your eyes feast on the scenic and artistic landscape design of Garin Farm in Iloilo city. Tourists who have already been in this destination in Iloilo describe it as “actual heaven on earth,” because of its summit complete with white statues of angels, clouds, and the Holy Trinity. Visited by many people who need a blissful experience, Garin Farm is not only a modern pilgrimage site, but also a resort with fun activities like ziplining, swimming, and boating.
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Bunzie’s Cove, Cebu City

Cebu City may be a famous destination for pilgrimages and city tours, but choosing it for a beach trip can be quite rewarding, too. Bunzie’s Cove is a hidden sanctuary not too far from the Queen City of the South. More like a retreat place than a resort, this getaway place has various villas that you can rent to serve as your home for a vacation. The surrounding beach will treat you to amazing views and exhilarating activities such as cliff diving.
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Mongpong Island, Marinduque

Photo by Bonifacio Binuya Jr. via Facebook

Located at the farthest part of mainland Marinduque, Mongpong Island boasts a white sand beach and an impressive rock formation that travelers can’t find elsewhere. Everything you can ever ask for as a traveler is here—distinguished diving sites, an amazing view, and a relaxing ambiance. The community in Mongpong Island is also very welcoming so you’ll feel at home during your stay.


Niludhan Falls, Negros Oriental

Photo by Dumaguetenos via Facebook

Niludhan Falls is for extreme explorers since finding your way to this wonder is an adventure in itself. This picture-perfect falls is a natural beauty as it almost resembles Iceland’s Skogafoss Falls. It is best to visit during the rainy season (July to September) when the flow of the water is at its strongest. This is perhaps one of the few places in the Philippines that becomes a must-see during a downpour.


Masasa Beach, Batangas

Photo by Edgar Eduardo via Facebook

Masasa Beach is said to be one of the best beaches in Batangas. Instead of heading to places like Boracay or Palawan for a getaway, this tropical paradise serves as an ideal alternative because of vibrant waves that highlight its clear blue waters. Best of all, you can get there via a road trip from the city with your friends or family for a weekend getaway.
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Manjuyod Sandbar, Dumaguete

Photo by Yvette Tan via flickr

Dubbed as The Maldives of the Philippines, the Manjuyod Sandbar is a humble beach destination located in Dumaguete. Just look at photos of the island and you’d be surprised to know that its shores can be found in the Philippines. It has wooden cottages with bamboo stilts where you can take in the relaxing atmosphere as well as plenty of things to do such as swimming, snorkeling, boating, and more.
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