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By Travelbook
June 18, 2019

Puerto Princesa is more than just the capital city of Palawan--this destination is known for its scenic beaches and seafood dishes, which are just some of the reasons why travelers keep coming back for more. Puerto Princesa was also considered as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines that makes it more attractive to tourists. If you're planning to visit this place soon, here is a quick list of the unique things you can do that will make your trip epic and memorable.

Explore the Underground River

Puerto Princesa's Underground River was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO and is voted as one of the wonders of the world in 2012. This attraction impresses visitors with its surrounding limestones and amazing rock formations. This natural wonder has been attracting all sorts of tourists all year round and it's really a must for all Filipinos to see it at least once in their lives.

Go firefly watching at night

Going on a firefly watching tour is a cool way to experience nature and one of the places that offer this attraction in the Philippines is Puerto Princesa. Experience an extraordinary night with glowing fireflies while you cruise along Ihawig River. Get to see these sparkling beetles up-close as they welcome you to their natural habitat.

Chase the city's amazing waterfalls

The waterfalls in Puerto Princesa are its hidden gems. They do not receive the recognition that the beaches and the Underground River get, but they are certainly must-sees when you're in the city. You can go on a trek in order to reach these majestic wonders. Some of the falls might require you to pass through small rivers and climb up the rocks, but once you make it to an ideal spot, the pictures you can take will look pretty rad on social media. Some of the recommended waterfalls to visit in Puerto Princesa are Estrella Falls and Tibag Falls.

Have worms and crocodiles for dinner

Seafood are plenty at Puerto Princesa, but for a more adventurous experience, you ought to go for their exotic dishes. The popular crocodile sisig at Kinabuch's Bar and Grill is said to be so delicious that you wouldn't even notice its difference from the usual pork meat. But if you really want to challenge yourself, take on the tamilok challenge. Tamilok is a gelatinous woodworm found in mangrove trees and served with vinegar and chili for a more luscious taste. Before you leave the city, visit the Baker's Hill for cheap pasalubong and pastries such as hopia and crinkles.