Arriving at Kansai International Airport

Keep calm and welcome yourself at one of Japan's busiest airports.

November 08, 2019

Many Filipino tourists land at Kansai International Airport, especially those who are going to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and the other major areas in the Kansai region of Japan. As the third busiest airport in Japan, it is bigger, flashier, and packed with more features compared to our beloved airports in the Philippines, which could easily overwhelm first-time travelers. If Kansai International Airport will be your gateway to The Land of the Rising Sun, fear not because we have here some guidelines that will ensure that your arrival will be the start of a memorable and amazing trip.

1. You will arrive by plane and train.

Kansai International Airport has two terminals (Terminal 1 and 2), and like the rest of its international arrivals, you will be arriving at Terminal 1. When you get off from plane, you will be led to a shuttle train that will take you to the airport's central terminal for your arrival procedure (immigration, luggage, etc.). If you haven't tried a shuttle train inside an airport before, you are bound to be impressed.

2. Don't be shy at the central terminal.

After going through immigration and collecting your luggage, you will find yourself at the central terminal, where you can get all the information as well as the purchases you need before heading out to your destination. Again, it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the many things that you will see and encounter, but just relax and take your time. When in doubt, know that the airport personnel and the tourist information desk are there to help you get started.

3. Taking the train? Head to the second floor.

From the airport, the fastest way to get to destinations like Osaka is by train. At the central terminal, head to the second floor and cross the bridge that connects the airport to the train station (Kansai-Airport Station). You can purchase tickets there that can take you to the numerous train stops all over Osaka.

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