Hope you feel better soon.

By Travelbook
March 25, 2020

It's been more than a week already since we've been forced to hunker down in our homes because of COVID-19, and with the number of infected patients rising, many of us can only worry about the days to come. But while we know that this tragedy will eventually come to an end, it's easy to let our emotions get the best of us--and the next thing we know, depression and melancholy have already kicked in.

These days have been really tough, but know that you are not alone and we all must keep going. Let's go through the coming days together and check out these simple things you can do to enhance your mental health.

Cut down on social media

We all know that watching news all day and browsing social media can be somewhat toxic. It's good to keep yourself informed, but see to it that you only absorb the ones that are really worth it: government updates, tips on what to do about COVID-19, and the world's progress with fighting the disease. Feel free to avoid reading the complaints, issues, and the nonsense posts from other people if you feel you can't handle them--remember that problems always arise from events like this anyway.

Listen to your favorite songs

Many of us love listening to music. Now is the perfect time to seek comfort in our favorite tunes since hearing them can provide that quick boost to our mood. Write down all the songs that make you feel good, arrange them in a playlist, hit play when needed, and feel your sorrows melt away.


Don't just stay in bed the whole day because it will make you feel unproductive while your frustrations in life slowly sink in. Get up and get moving for at least 15 minutes (walk around, clean the house, play with your pets, etc.). Do the same thing again later in the afternoon. Make this an everyday routine and increase your physical activity as the weeks go by. While the world waits for a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, know that studies have shown countless times that exercising can improve your mental health.

Call a friend

Social distancing does not necessarily mean that you need to avoid people completely. Take advantage of online messaging and video calls to stay connected with your friends and family (if you live far from them). There's a big chance that they are also stuck at home and are looking forward to any pleasant distraction to get out of a funk just like you.

If you're experiencing emotional crisis in this time of quarantine, please feel free to contact Hopeline: 0918-873-4673 (Smart), 0917-558-4673 (Globe), and (02) 8804-4673 (PLDT). The hotline desk will help you cope with the stress you're dealing with caused by the COVID-19.