Travel tips in the Philippines

Travel tips in the Philippines

Equip yourself with some useful information for your travels.

5 amazing ways to survive a road trip

For some of us, road trips are boring and tiring. It takes hours of just sitting there and waiting to get to your destination, but there are certainly numerous things... Read More

5 scary places in the philippines

It’s that time of the year again when there is an abundance of creepy crawlies ready to scare you. From decorations to costumes, Halloween is all about make-believe, playing... Read More

10 instagrammable hotels for the long weekend

Are your friends’ Instagram feeds giving you envy? Don’t worry because the coming long weekend provides you an opportunity to update it with vacation photos! If you’re looking for... Read More

travel essentials: a blogger’s list

Every traveler knows that packing is one of the most troublesome aspects of preparing for a trip. Trying to make all of your clothes, toiletries, and gadgets fit into a... Read More

need a time-out? travel without getting broke

In between balancing your time for family, friends, work, and yourself, you can easily burn yourself out and feel empty. Time can fly and just leave you with nothing but... Read More

fun things to do in manila

Our Recommended Fun Things to Do in Manila Metro Manila is the most populated area in the Philippines, and with so many great places in the country to see like... Read More

travelbook tips: do’s and don’ts of online dating

1. DO post your best solo pictures. Because first impressions still last. 2. But DON’T share too much—whether a personal information or a revealing photo. You have better chances of... Read More

beaches in bataan: how to get there and where to stay

Amazing Beaches in Bataan Photo by Stefan Krasowski Bataan, a quaint province found between the West Philippine Sea and the Manila Bay, has been known for the significant role it... Read More

us visa application guide for pinoys

How to process a US visa application for tourists Part of the burden of having a Philippine passport is the need to apply for visas for some countries you intend... Read More

Cabongaoan Beach

cabongaoan beach: how to get there and how much you’ll spend

The tranquil allure of Cabongaoan Photo by Herdrix Montesines Planning for another beach trip with the gang? If you’ve already exhausted every beach resort in Batangas and Bataan, you may... Read More

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