30 Things You Didn’t Know about The Biri Rock Formations

TravelBook gives you reasons why this Philippine wonder deserves a spot on anyone’s bucket list. Sunblocks optional.

By John Ray Lomugdang
November 20, 2015

Biri has often been out of the mainstream, shadowed by its more famous sister destinations in the Philippines. For several years, it was only visited by people who were brave enough to endure long van and boat rides due to its remote location. The nearest commercial airport, Tacloban, is a 5-hour van ride away from Lavezares (the nearest town in the mainland). From there, one needs to take an additional one hour boat ride to Biri Island.

The six rock formations (Magasang, Magsapad, Makadlao, Puhunan, Bel-at, and Caranas) in the island can be reached via a habal-habal (motorcycle). The area where the rocks are is also a protected area. This means that camping, eating, and drinking in the area as well as vandalizing these awesome rocks are all punishable by law. In addition, each visitor is required to register at the Municipal Tourism Office and hire a tour guide for safety purposes.

But while the rock formations in Biri Island have been well-protected and seldom visited, this simply means that its natural beauty has been preserved. If that’s not enough to entice you, allow us to share these 30 awesome things about the Biri Rock Formations that will convince you to give them a visit. All photos were taken using an iPhone 6.

1. These rock formations are more than 5 million years old.

2. All of them were shaped by the Pacific Ocean for millions of years.

3. They were formed during the Early Miocene Period (nerd stuff alert!).

4. The holes formed on the rocks are awesome pieces of natural art.
We hope you don’t have Trypophobia (fear of holes).

5. The average height of each rock is about three to four stories high.

6. Each rock formation has its own mystical character. You have to see it to believe it.

7. On top of each rock is a vista that is worth the hike.

8. They’re amazing enough to impose themselves on you.

9. There are areas that that look like they’re from sci-fi and fantasy movies…

10.…and seem to rise above the Earth’s horizon.

11. These rocks also provide a good cardio workout for those who dare climb them…

12. …where you can come up with your innermost hugot shot.

13. The area most likely provided inspiration to the movies that were shot here:
Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon (2014), Spirit Warriors (2003), and Iisa Pa Lamang (1992).

14. These rocks can be slippery! But you’ll be just fine as long as you’re wearing reef shoes.

15. The view of the rock formations will make you feel like you’re outside of the country.

16. The tidal marsh that separates the rocks from the mainland is envisioned to be
a mangrove forest in the future.

17. Viewing the rock formations is so relaxing that it can be highly therapeutic.

18. The rocks can also be a geologist’s dream specimen source.

19. But if you ask us, they’re still better off as “moving on” spots (other than Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada).

20. There is even a lagoon where you can swim. It was created when the Allied forces
bombed out the Japanese during World War II.

21. You’ll also see that rock used in the 5-hour opus of Lav Diaz,
Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon (2014). Yes, that nude scene.

22. You can also use the rocks to practice taking cool panoramic shots.

23. We’re talking about REALLY COOL panoramic shots.

24. The view can even rival Batanes, kind of.

25. The rocks and the tidal marsh are also a biologist’s delight as it houses many life forms.

26. You can also try finding crabs in the mangrove forest beneath the boardwalk…

27. …or sea snakes perhaps in the sea grass part of the lagoon.

28. Each spot will be equally breath-taking…

29. ...and completely out of this world.

30. They’re worthy of taking your stress (or sorrows) away.

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