4 Incredible Wonders in Palaui Island

The Chosen Juan couldn’t get enough of Palaui Island. Here’s why.

By Dave Agbayani
March 28, 2016


Just beyond the tip of Luzon is Palaui Island, a small island that is full of surprises.

It’s no wonder why they chose to shoot not just one, but two seasons of the reality television show Survivor on this place off the coast of Cagayan. Palaui Island oozes with such natural beauty that looks way better in person than on TV. If you’re lucky enough to be there, here are 4 of the many places that will make you want to get stuck on this exceptional island for a really long time.


1. Punta Verde
Almost everyone who visits Palaui will have Punta Verde as their jumping-off point to the rest of the island—and that’s OK since the place is worth checking out. This was the area where the participants from Survivor: Cagayan camped out, leaving behind props like the chief’s podium and the spears near the rest house. You can also set up a tent on the camping areas—an affordable and great idea especially if you want to have a castaway-like experience. There’s also a nearby community that you can interact with (I had a great time playing with one of the kids after our trek). And they literally sell seashells by the seashore—fashioned into keychains, necklaces, and even wallets!


2. Virgin Forest
During a trek from Punta Verde to Baratubot Falls, you’ll feast your eyes on acres of a virgin forest with the greenest and thickest undisturbed foliage you would ever see. Giving even more life to the flora is the island’s wondrous fauna—every now and then, you’d spot forest crabs burrowed in the ground, species of butterflies that add color to the greens (we had to stop to watch a newly-hatched butterfly get used to its new environment), and the adorable interaction between an egret (a bird found in marshes) and a carabao. The forest is a natural reserve at its finest!


3. Baratubot Falls
Baratubot Falls is a welcoming sight after a long trek from Punta Verde. When we got there, the weather was a bit cold and the skies were gray, so a quick dip wasn’t advisable. And besides, the pool was too shallow that time. Our guide told us that during the rainy season, the flow of the water should be a lot stronger and there should be more areas for a relaxing soak. Nonetheless, the 3-tier waterfall is a thing of beauty you wouldn’t want to miss while on the island.


4. Cape Engaño (and the rocky boat ride)
After a lobster lunch by the beach, we decided to brave the waters to get to Cape Engaño. And I’m not kidding when I say that you really have to be brave when going there. The boat ride begins smoothly, even allowing you to catch a few winks. But soon, the sound of the gigantic waves will wake you up—if not, the rocking of the boat will. It’s like a roller coaster ride without the tracks and the seat belt. But don’t worry because the trip is guaranteed safe. While there, you will be mesmerized by a lovely view of the beach cove.

There were still a lot of incredible places in Palaui Island that we weren’t able to visit, which I’m sure would only make the experience even more unforgettable. I hope you could visit these wonders too and who knows, you might see me as a certified castaway on the island one day.

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