5 Annoying Things that Happen on a Plane

Listing down the most cringe worthy events while flying.

By Mathew S. Chan
January 28, 2016


Taking a plane to travel is a convenient mode of transport that allows you to visit places that are far away. Though it’s convenient, it doesn’t mean that the entire ride is guaranteed to be always comfortable and pleasant. Unfortunately, there are several small wars and bothersome things that may occur. Allow us to irritate you with the 5 of the most annoying of them all.

1. Crying babies
Babies are a joy. They are cute and lovable, and ultimately a blessing. But if said baby is crying the whole time during a long haul flight, then forget the cuteness overload. In a tiny plane where you have little room for yourself and trying to find a position to sleep is harder than getting a US visa, any kind of noise is unwelcome. If you have a long haul flight coming up, pack some industrial-grade ear plugs or noise-cancelling earphones because there is a 90% chance there will be a crying baby on board. And if you’re lucky, there will be more than one. Cuteness overload indeed.

2. Overusing the bathroom
With nearly dozens and dozens of passengers on board and a limited number of bathroom stalls available, you’d think people would be more considerate. But no, they aren’t. Some people just hog the bathroom and take the time to do god knows what, while you wait in your seat trying to keep it in, making sure you rush ahead as soon as the door flashes “vacant.” Maybe pack a bottle with you or a funnel for your trouble because that bathroom isn’t going to be vacant anytime soon.

3. Gossipmongers and loudmouth seatmates
Nothing is more annoying than two people nosily gossiping beside you—or worse, you’re between them. Or that pompous seatmate who’s gabbing on his phone non-stop with that internet call and with no remorse about having a voice louder than the aircraft engine. If you are one of these wide mouth annoyances, do your fellow passengers a favor and shut it. Nobody wants to hear you gossip about something like you were back in high school or have business calls that only makes us wish that you get sacked for that big mouth of yours. Why not use those messaging apps or tools in your phone for the meantime? It has emoticons and emoji. And best of all, it’s noiseless.

4. Invasion of privacy
It’s so dumbfounding how some passengers have little respect for personal space and its all the more evident in a plane. Like those people reaching beside you to spy on what you might be doing on your phone or casually checking out your things like it’s clearance sale. What’s more annoying is when they try to invade your space when you were already gracious enough to give way so they won’t have to bother you. Stand your ground, call them out, and they’ll be too embarrassed to bother you after.

5. Impatient passengers
It’s like they didn’t go to school and learn how to properly get in line. When either boarding or disembarking a plane, there are those few people who can’t seem to be patient enough to wait to get to their seat or get out of the plane, knocking back everyone in their path. Having been so cramped up in a small space for hours, getting shoved to the side without them even having the decency to apologize or say “excuse me” is the last thing you want to happen. Feel free to shove them back and give them a taste of their medicine. Or even better, stall and take your sorry time to delay them further. The satisfaction of seeing how annoyed they will be is just gold.