5 Beautiful Spots in Coron, Palawan

Coron left the Chosen Juan mesmerized, and he couldn’t get over it.

By Dave Agbayani
May 13, 2016

Hopping on that small aircraft to Coron was one of the most exciting moments of my life since it was going to be my first time to set foot on Palawan—the tourist destination in the country that everyone has been buzzing about. I’ve seen lots of pictures of it and daydreamed about being there—around fifty times, I think? But after seeing those daydreams come true right before my eyes, I knew immediately that the daydreaming will only become more frequent. In fact, here are five of my favorite spots in Coron that I’m probably thinking about if ever you catch me staring into space.

1. Mt. Tapyas
Upon our arrival at Coron, our guide showed us around the town and pointed to a nearby mountain. He told us that we were going to its peak where we’ll see a giant cross and huge Hollywood Sign-like letters that spell out “CORON.” My companions and I looked obviously tired from the flight so we thought he was kidding—but he was not. After giving us bottles of cold water, our guide took us to the flight of 724 concrete steps that will lead us to the peak of Mt. Tapyas. To distract ourselves from exhaustion, we counted the steps to confirm if they were really 724 (there would be a sign every 100 steps and we’d celebrate if we counted right). When we reached the top, the water in our bottles were already far from cold but a gorgeous sight of the whole town greeted us, including a mountain range known as The Sleeping Giant and hundreds of islands fading into blue horizon. It was a tiring but fitting way to welcome us to this captivating town in Palawan.

2. Twin Lagoons
I asked our guide about his favorite place in Coron and he told us it was the Twin Lagoons, adding that he loves nature more than the beaches. A boat ride from Kayangan Lake took us to a lagoon surrounded by towering rocks, but this was just the outer one. To get to the more fascinating inner lagoon, you need to jump off the boat and swim your way through this small crevice (or walking on top of it during high tide). The inner lagoon was indeed marvelous—not as crowded as Kayangan Lake and you get to swim in a combination of fresh and saltwater while surrounded by stunning colossal rock formations. The lagoon is deep, and if you snorkel near the bottom, you get to say “Hello” to Nemo and his dad (of course, I meant clownfish).

3. Balinsasayaw Floating Houses
On the second day of the tour, we went to the Balinsasayaw Floating Houses. They weren’t really houses but more like floating cottages. From there, you can snorkel to feast your eyes on beautiful coral gardens, sea anemones, schools of vibrant fishes, and giant clams. Snorkeling here is like reliving scenes from The Little Mermaid, but minus the half-octopus villain, of course.

4. Malcapuya Island
Our third day of touring Coron was kicked off by a trip to Malcapuya Island where I found one of the most unique beaches I’ve seen. It has a long stretch of powedery white sand which ends at some rocky formations. The locals there have food stalls where I bought some fresh buko juice, which I enjoyed under a dwarf coconut tree while admiring the dazzling seascape in front of me. With my ukulele and charming smile as the cherry on top, I believe I successfully presented how everyone’s summer should look like.

5. Banana Island
When we got to Banana Island, I seriously thought that I was going to see some bananas. But soon I found out that the island’s shores look like a banana leaf when viewed from above. Banana Island is simply one of those places in Coron that will remind you of summer. The stunning white sand beach is adorned by the dozens of hammocks under the relaxing shade of the palm trees. And for those who love snorkeling (I now consider myself a snorkeling addict), the schools of fish and corals are not that far from the shore! I’m sure beach connoisseurs will agree with me when I say that Banana Island has one of the best beaches ever.

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