5 Best Places to Propose According to Celebrities

Take a leaf from the books of these local celebrities when it comes to the perfect place to propose.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
June 28, 2016


Before you get hitched, you must be engaged first. And for most guys, executing the perfect proposal is just as stressful and nerve-wracking as the actual wedding. A proposal can either make or break your relationship. For guys, there's nothing scarier than hearing the word "no" from their girlfriend after having invested time, money, effort, and emotion to pop the question with all the bells and whistles.

Aside from your feelings and intention to share your future with another person, there are other things to consider when planning the perfect proposal—like the location. Before, most women would be content with just the guy going down on his knee with a ring in either a fancy restaurant or the house of her parents. But now that proposal videos are guaranteed to trend, we're sure women would love to get engaged at a memorable location as well. So as you wait for the boyfriend to finally pop the question, here are some of the locations as chosen by celebrities during their proposal.

A word of advice for aspiring brides out there: read this article and watch the videos with your boyfriend. Who knows? These may just be the last bit of inspiration he needs to muster up his courage and ask for your hand in marriage.

1. At the airport

Airports are one of the most romantic places. They bear witness to heartwarming reunions among lovers who were miles apart. If you are in a long-distance relationship or have a jet-setting sweetheart, proposing at the airport is a great idea. It’s a romantic way of showing that the person leaving has something to look forward to when he or she returns. Taking a cue from this is JC Intal who surprised Bianca Gonzales with a wedding proposal in Ninoy Aquino International Airport before she boarded her flight to London. We’re pretty sure Bianca got so excited about coming home because of that.

2. A crowded public place

Some people like to show how grand their love for a person is with an equally grand gesture. For gallant boyfriends who won't settle for private proposals, arranging for a huge production may be the way to go, especially if the girlfriend is not easy to surprise. Proposing in a public place is effective because it won't be easy for the girl to get a hint, which is exactly what John Prats did for Isabel Oli. His flash mob proposal in Eastwood City caught her by surprise and ultimately led her to say "yes."

3. Amongst nature

While some prefer grand gestures, there are also some guys who just want their significant other to cherish the serenity and peacefulness of the moment. Proposing in a quiet and serene garden setting will definitely make for a tender proposal and will probably bring on the waterworks. This is what happened when Chito Miranda got down on bended knee and asked Neri Naig to be his wife at the scenic Angelfields Nature Sanctuary in Tagaytay City.

4. A place with a special meaning to your relationship

It’s really romantic if every single detail to a proposal carries a meaning, so popping the question in a place that is special or symbolic to both of you is not only unforgettable but unique as well. Whether it be the location where you two first met or your favorite travel destination, you will both appreciate getting engaged in an appropriate and meaningful place. In Dingdong Dantes' case, butterflies held an important meaning to his relationship with Marian Rivera. Two years before his public proposal to her on live TV, Dingdong took Marian to MGM Butterfly Pavilion in Macau where he asked her to be his wife.

5. Surprise wedding at an events place

For those who are daring enough to hit two birds with one stone, do what Zoren Legaspi did when he proposed to his then then-longtime partner Carmina Villaroel and married her on the same day at Fernbrook Gardens. An events place that can accommodate both your families and friends is just the spot needed not only for the proposal, but also the wedding you dream of.