5 Cheapest Rooms in Davao

Get your money’s worth at these inexpensive hotels in Davao.

By Mathew S. Chan
April 28, 2015

Do you love fun and adventure? It offers thrilling activities and awesome sites for those looking for it. It can be pricey to fly to Davao if you’re not on promo rates, so save up and make the most out of your budget by staying somewhere more affordable. Here are 5 of the cheapest rooms in Davao to get you started.

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Note: Rates are subject to availability and seasonality.

1.    Daylight Inn
If you’re only going to be in Davao for a day or so because you plan on going somewhere else in the region, check out Daylight Inn. They offer you basic room amenities and cut away needless surcharges. They provide you clean and safe accommodations as well as a nice bed to sleep in during your quick stay in the city.

Rates start at PHP 245.98++!
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2.    Park Avenue Residence Inn and Suites
Park Avenue Residence Inn and Suites is conveniently located near both the airport and seaport, so if you prefer to be near either of the two, this is the place to be. It is also near malls like Robinsons and SM. The inn provides comfortable accommodations for a relaxing stay. Despite the low prices, their rooms already include air conditioning.

Rates start at PHP 614.76++!
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3.    Punta Del Sol Beach Resort

Want to stay at a resort but feel like the fees will be expensive? Punta Del Sol Beach Resort offers you value for money with low prices and lots of perks. By booking a non-aircon room, you can save up on a lot and enjoy the facilities at this inexpensive resort. You can also swim at the beach without having to worry.

Rates start at PHP 642.86++!
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4.    Tinhat Boutique
Tinhat Boutique is a charming boutique hotel with affordable room rates. This hotel features quirky and delightful décor that mix creativity and comfort. With its great service and low prices, Tinhat Boutique will surely become a staple for you every time you find yourself in Davao.

Rates start at PHP 813.01++!
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5.    Orchard Hotel
As a budget traveler, you tend to gravitate towards the best deals at the most convenient places to maximize the value for your money. Orchard Hotel provides you with all that and more. It is close to the airport as well as malls. All rooms come with simple decorations but still manage to make you feel at home. Rooms can hold anywhere from 2-5 people.

Rates start at PHP 848.37++!
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