It's gonna be cold and wet outside

By Travelbook
May 30, 2019

As we move on from the fun and bright days of summer, it's time to plan the things we can do to enjoy the rainy season. We've been limited to staying indoors (Hey, taking a shower in the rain is also amazing!) but everybody knows that it can be as just as fun as going outside. Here are five recommended activities that you can try to make the gloomy weather much more exciting.

1. Have a staycation- This famous bed weather makes us want to stay in our own private space. Why not level up the experience by booking a cozy hotel room all to yourself? With a staycation in a fancy hotel, you have all the amenities you need as well as the facilities that are just outside your room like a swimming pool, in-house spa and restaurant, gym, and more.

2. Eat up! - How about spending a rainy day while enjoying the variety of dishes served at a buffet restaurant? Spend your cheat day by inviting your family or friends to sample numerous warm and delectable creations. Cap it off with some coffee or tea in a cafe and you've officially conquered the gloominess of the day.

3. Attend classes - Nothing should stop you from learning something new, especially during the rainy season when the sound of the raindrops and the cloudy weather could spark some creativity. There are numerous sessions that you can attend in the city such as art or cooking classes, or you can also take up short courses to expand your skill set like learning how to develop a mobile application, becoming a barista, and many more.

4. Hit the gym - More time indoors lessens the opportunities to do something physical. Make up for it by spending extra hours in the gym. Improve your healthy further by taking on a more intense fitness program. The great thing about it is you'll have the perfect body you want by summertime of next year.

5. Visit Museums - For a comfortable way to tour a place without getting bothered by the rain, opt for more museum visits this season. Many destinations have their own galleries where you can learn about the history of the place. Meanwhile, in Metro Manila, there are many special museums that cater focus more on interactivity with the visitors like engaging them with the exhibits with photo ops, activities, and games.