5 Essential Travel Gadgets

Make travel easy with the help of these gadgets.

By Mathew S. Chan
July 23, 2015

Technology has come a long way from giant pagers and cell phones to sleek smartphones and tiny high resolution cameras which make our lives easier. Though being disconnected while traveling is a nice way to get away, having some good gadgets can really make the difference when it comes to improving your trip. Check out these 5 essential travel gadgets that can make your trip even better.

1.    Smartphone
The smartphone is a common gadget these days. It’s great to bring along a decent smartphone that you can use to download helpful apps on your trip. It’s also handy if you need to stay in contact with your loved ones and is useful for work if you need to connect to the Internet.  The smartphone is an all-in-one gadget that can help you take decent photos and also play games on the go.

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2.    Camera
A camera is probably one of the most essential gadgets you should have whenever you’re on a trip. With it, you can easily document your journey and capture lovely moments on your travels. If you are a photographer or blogger, a decent DSLR is essential. Taking pictures of food, people, and places is a fun way to experience and spend your time while you travel.

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3.    Portable Gaming Device
Whether you’re interested in gaming or not, it can be quite handy to have one of these around. Instead of using your phone and wasting its battery when you’re on a long-haul flight, you can kill time by playing games on this. If you are traveling with kids, you can use it to distract them or keep them in line if they become rowdy or bored.

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4.    Power Bank

This has probably become the second most essential gadget, in general, especially so when traveling. Everyone carries more than one gadget nowadays, and with the short battery life of some smartphones, having a power bank is very convenient when you need to charge and there’s no outlet nearby. You can get them in several  capacities, depending on how much power you’ll need. Just don’t forget to charge it before your trip.

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5.    Earphones/headphones
Music can really help pass the time. It can also be a source of stress relief after a long day of traveling. If you need some peace and quiet, wearing earphones or headphones can let people know you don’t want to talk to them as well. Most travelers carry one or the other in their bag or pocket.

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Photos courtesy of: Apple, Nikon, Sony PlayStation, Mi, and Skullcandy