5 Most Expensive Out of Town Destinations in the Philippines

These vacations are better than yours.

By Mathew S. Chan
November 03, 2016


What does your vacation look like? Probably along the lines of beachfront or semi-beachfront hotel for three to four days with either friends or family, or a nice romantic stay for two at a mountain lodge. For some, it may be the wilderness, along with backpacking and mountain climbing. But what if money was no object? If you’re okay with just a stay in an uber luxury hotel, you have to think bigger! To give you an idea, here are five of the most expensive vacations you can have in the Philippines.

1. Ariara Island
Do you have one to two million pesos that you feel like casually spending? It’s doubtful that you do, but at the off chance you might, consider booking an entire island for a vacation. For that amount, you can rent out Ariara Island located in Palawan. It’s a 125-hectare island getaway that up to 18 people can have all to themselves. There is a well-trained staff to assist you and loads of facilities like boats, jet skis, swimming pools, yoga areas, and many more that you can use. To inspire you, they say that "anything is possible" while in Ariara.

You can read more about this island here.

2. Amanpulo
It wouldn’t be an expensive luxury vacation list in the Philippines if Amanpulo wasn’t included. This exclusive private island resort has been making headlines here and internationally since its opening. Go on a trip like no other and charter a private plane to get to this private resort. You can easily spend PHP 70,000 per night on accommodations alone, but your money will go a long way when it comes to luxury and personal pleasure, like having your own personal butler during your stay.

3. Balesin Island
For just PHP 3.5 million a year, you are entitled to 14 nights for free at this tropical private getaway. Balesin Island is an exclusive member only private resort that is just about a 20-minute chartered plane ride from Manila. It’s a sprawling 500-hectare paradise with a 7.3-kilometer white sand beach. The main attraction that keeps people interested is their selection of themed villas based on places like Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol, and Toscana. It’s time to pull together your money with friends and maybe even get several bank loans to experience this one of a kind haven.

4. Bamboo Island
Are you looking for an eco-friendly getaway? Look no further than Bamboo Island located in Palawan, where they are all for zero carbon emission. It is the perfect place to really detach from the hustle and bustle of the city and go back to basics amidst a tropical utopia. Activities include going on a tour of their cashew farm or the nearby Canipo Island, and diving and snorkeling to explore the beautiful marine life of the area. One night at this amazing island will set you back around PHP 70,000.

5. NaoNao Island
If you are the adventurous type who is searching for an island that will feed your lust for adventure, then you should book NaoNao Island located in Palawan. For about PHP 300,000, you get access to secluded beaches, a 70-hectare coral reef that you can explore by diving, and trials and paths you can trek to your heart’s content. After a long day of activities, you can satisfy your hunger at the island’s own bar and dining area with a wood-fired oven, and then relax at the spa to top it all off.