5 Filipino Delicacies and Where to Try Them

Treat your tongue to delectable dishes! Go on a food trip around the Philippines.

By Mathew S. Chan
August 05, 2014

Filipino cuisine is as diverse as the number of the Philippines’ provinces. Depending on which place you go to, the dishes can drastically change in taste and type of ingredients used. But one thing is for sure: no matter where a particular Filipino dish is made, it is always scrumptious.

Ready to go on a regional food trip? We’ve got five delicious dishes to get you started.


One of the most common Filipino dishes, adobo is a staple in any and every Filipino home. This popular delicacy has a Spanish origin. The most common type of adobo is made of chicken, but other variants exist including pork and beef. Also, there is no one particular way to cook adobo. Different provinces use different methods or unique ingredients. For an interesting take on adobo, head to Zamboanga, where you can enjoy their version of the dish, which employs the use of thick coconut cream.

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One dish that is sure to make an appearance during a Filipino gathering is lechon. This succulent slow roasted pig stuffed with star anise, lemon grass, and more is a staple at any fiesta. The best and the most authentic lechon can be found in Cebu. They are known to ship lechon all over the Philippines because Cebu lechon is simply the best.

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Filipinos are known for not wasting any part of the animal when cooking, so it’s not surprising that we have a dish that makes use of the parts of the pig that are normally discarded.  Sisig is made from the face, ears, and cheeks of the pig. It is a sizzling dish that’s often called the perfect pulutan during drinking sessions.  Like many other Filipino dishes, there are different types of sisig in terms of ingredients (chicken, tuna, and more) and flavor. Pampanga is said to be the home of the original sisig.

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Bulalo is often most appealing during the rainy season in the Philippines as it is a soup dish. Made from freshly cut beef and bone marrow, it is stewed until the meat is so tender than it melts in your mouth. The bigger the bone, the more marrow there is for you to enjoy. Tagaytay has some of the best bulalo you will ever have.

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Another staple in the Filipino home, sinigang is a sour stew made up of a variety of ingredients with a common base broth made of sampalok or kamias. Some variations of the dish are sinigang sa miso, sinigang na baboy, and sinigang na hipon. Since the Philippines is an archipelago and surrounded by water, seafood is abundant and is often the main ingredient for a typical sinigang dish. Head to Ilocos and try the Ilocanos’ version of sinigang na tilapia.

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