5 Hotel Promos for the Holidays

Go on a great vacation and still be able to save money with these hotel promos.

By Mathew S. Chan
November 24, 2015


December is right around the corner and the next set of vacation days is about to take place. You may have booked plans already ahead of time to get better deals and discounts. But if you haven’t, don’t worry! Here are 5 hotel promos that you can still avail for the holidays.

Note: Rates retrieved as of November 24, 2015. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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1. Palawan Uno Hotel
If you are planning to spend the holidays this year by the beach, why not do it in Palawan? Palawan Uno Hotel currently has a Hotel Deal Promo on all their room types so whether you are going with family or a special someone, you are sure to find a great deal. Some of the hotel’s facilities include a private swimming pool, a kiddie pool, and their own coffee shop.

From the original price of PHP 2,622.96++
PAY AS LOW AS PHP 1,363.94++!
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2. Hotel Henrico Kisad
December is the perfect time to travel to Baguio because the temperature in the city is at its coldest during this month. If you plan on going on a weekday, then you are in luck because Hotel Henrico Kisad currently has a Weekdays Hotel Deal Promo where you can get up to 70% off their Standard Room.

From the original price of PHP 2,475.00++
PAY AS LOW AS PHP 712.80++!
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3. Sunshine City Suites Ortigas
Great deals on accommodations are almost always non-existent whenever we plan last minute vacations. Thankfully, Sunshine City Suites Ortigas has a Last Minute Promo where you can get up to 50% off their Standard Room, which is good for two people. The deal does not have free breakfast, but it includes free WiFi access.

From the original price of PHP 2,276.43++
PAY AS LOW AS PHP 1,104.40++!
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4. Boracay Breeze Resort
Boracay is known for its white sand beach as well as being one of the hottest places to party and have fun. If you want to spend the holidays partying in the country’s most popular beach, then check in at Boracay Breeze Resort. It is located in Station 1, pretty much away from the noise and the people and just the perfect place where you can nurse your hangover after a long night of partying. You can get up to 40% off their Standard Room with their ongoing Flash Sale.

From the original price of PHP 1,769.93++
PAY AS LOW AS PHP 1,061.95++!
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5. Cliffside Resort
Looking for a tropical getaway for the holidays? Why not head to the beautiful island province of Bohol! Cliffside Resort in Panglao has a Special Promo on their Standard Rooms where you can get as much as 48% off. What’s better is that the room is good for three people. The resort does not have a beach nearby but it has an area where you can cliff dive to the ocean. The water is also great for snorkeling.

From the original price of PHP 2,642.28++
PAY AS LOW AS PHP 1,373.99++!
Check rates for Boracay Breeze Resort on TravelBook.ph