5 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures to Avoid While Traveling

Elude the following critters no matter how cute they might seem.

By Mathew S. Chan
October 08, 2015

There are animals we are aware of that are dangerous and we strive to avoid them, but there are also creatures we’re not familiar with, which make them more unsafe to be around. Critters of the deep can be some of the most mysterious animals you find on your travels. If you are going on a trip to the beach or a place with a body of water nearby, it’s best to take note of these dangerous sea creatures and avoid them at all costs.

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Stonefish
1. Stonefish
This sneaky sea creature lives and hides amongst the rocks and corals where it perfectly blends in because of its spiky and rough exterior. It lies low and waits for small fish to pass by, and then it quickly lunges at them with its mouth and devours them. The U.S. National Library of Medicine warns that the stonefish’s spikes are deadly poisonous, so if you step on one of them and you’re not treated right away, the poison could quickly spread in your body and kill you. A sting to the chest or abdomen could be fatal.

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Cone Snail
2. Cone Snail
These sly creatures come in an array of colors and designs that are sometimes pleasing to the eye, tempting people to pick them up. This is where the danger lies. Cone snails look like normal seashells, but if held long enough, they will attack you with their harpoon-shaped teeth and sting you with their poison. The sting from the smaller species will only resemble a bee sting, but the bigger ones can be more fatal. According to National Geographic, there is currently no anti-venom for cone snail bites. The only means of treatment is trying to keep the patient alive till the toxin wears off.

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Box Jellyfish
3. Box Jellyfish
According to National Geographic, the box jellyfish’s venom is “among the most deadly in the world.” They use their venom to paralyze their prey before they devour them. The venom is so painful and powerful that it attacks the heart and nervous system, causing several people to die of shock right away or because of a heart attack.

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Pufferfish
4. Pufferfish
You may be familiar with this fish because it is often considered as a delicacy in Japan. In the movie Finding Nemo, one of the members of the Tank Gang is one as well. The pufferfish has a tetrodotoxin that, when ingested by an animal, makes the pufferfish foul-tasting and often lethal. According to National Geographic, the toxin is “up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide” to humans.

Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Blue-Ringed Octopus
5. Blue-Ringed Octopus
The blue-ringed octopus is a small and beautiful creature that appears seemingly harmless. You can approach it and not even know that it has already bitten you—and that you can already be dying slowly. Like the pufferfish, it has tetrodotoxin that paralyzes you, but according to Slate.com, it “grows microbes inside her salivary glands that make it for her.” The toxin is spread all over the octopus’ body.