5 Places for the Perfect #AlDub First Date

If AlDub were to travel for their first date, here's where we recommend they go.

By Mathew S. Chan
September 11, 2015

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Are you crazy about AlDub? If you don’t know who they are, you’re missing out! This new love team is currently rocking local television with almost daily adventures on noontime show Eat Bulaga. It’s taken a long while just for Alden (Alden Richards) and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) to meet, and they’re probably in for an even longer journey before they can start a relationship with kontrabida Lola Nidora always standing in their way.

Despite the hardships, their love story is moving at last, and they were finally able to meet face to face. As Lola Nidora would say it, everything comes in due time, and we hope it won’t take long until they start dating (or not). In the meantime, TravelBook.ph has listed a short guide below for where AlDub should go for their first date and what they should do there.

1. Bicol
It’s not news that Alden has been wanting to meet Yaya for a long time, and in his efforts to court her, Lola was always there to stop him. One task involved him having to go to Bicol, which he did and succeeded. The couple can go to Bicol together in honor of Alden’s hardship. They can munch on Pili nuts, which was the food Lola ordered Alden to fetch. The lovebirds can have a sweet moment and still spite Lola. #PiliKitaCauseAlDubYou

2. Subic
Alden and Yaya had several close encounters, but Lola would always put an obstacle between them. One involved Alden having to fill up an aquarium with water. To commemorate this moment in their love story, they can go to Subic and have a nice date at Ocean Adventure, which is filled with aquariums and sea creatures galore.

3. Cavite
Alden never wavered in his effort to see Yaya, and one of his efforts involved sending Yaya a bouquet of flowers and some Hany (a chocolate snack). It should only be fitting that they ride in tandem to Imus, Cavite, and visit Annie's Sweets Manufacturing & Packaging, the company that makes Hany. The snack can be their official food item with the hashtag #HanyAlDubYou.

4. Tagaytay
Their love story began simply with two people waving and stealing glances at each other. These small actions inspired a series of events that now make up the AlDub love saga. Wouldn’t it be sweet if they went to somewhere scenic like Tagaytay, just to stroll around and look at each other lovingly, doing the occasional pabebe wave? Alden also revealed in a recent interview with GMANewsOnline, that he would like to take Yaya to a theme park for their first date. Tagaytay has Sky Ranch, a small theme park with plenty of rides, so Tagaytay will be even more perfect for their first date.

5. Cebu
Yaya has made it known on several occasions that she would like to go to Cebu for a vacation because her parents are there. The ultimate sweet move would be for Alden to book them airfare to Cebu where they can stay at a fancy boutique hotel like The Henry Hotel. It would be a great first date for the two of them, and they would be far enough from Lola so that no one can interrupt their happy moment.