5 Places I’d Love To Take My Mother To

The Chosen Juan presents us with a tribute to his dear mom for Mother’s Day.

By Dave Agbayani
May 06, 2016

Juanderlust Mothers Day

Throughout my journey so far, there were places I visited that made me stop in my tracks, smile, and think to myself, “My mother would love to be here.” Since Mother’s Day is almost here, allow me to share them with you, which hopefully inspires you as well to take your mother there for a vacation.

1. Maquinit Hot Springs – Coron, Palawan
One of the notable hot springs I’ve been to is Maquinit Hot Springs in the coastal town of Coron. Like all hot springs, the heat is generated naturally from under the earth’s surface. In fact, the water becomes hotter as you get closer to the center. But this one stands out from the others as it is located right beside the sea! The saltwater greets you the moment you step right out of the pool. My mom is a teacher, by the way, and considering the stress she gets from dealing with rowdy students, taking a dip in these hot springs would be a heck of a stress reliever.

2. Saramsam Ilocano Restaurant – Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Back when I was a kid—when happiness meant playing patintero and piko on the front yard of our grandmother’s house and taking a bath required getting water from water pumps—we would have huge family reunions where we would also prepare an Ilocano delicacy called kalti. Together with my cousins, we’d have fun rolling the ground sticky rice into balls. Taking my dear Mama to this Ilocano restaurant in Laoag City that also serves kalti will definitely make us nostalgic and drive us to share one throwback story after another. If possible, I’d like to take my whole family with me.

3. Ulot River – Paranas, Samar
I remember that every morning, my mother would tell us to look outside the window whenever a yellow-breasted robin or a blue-crested hummingbird would sit on the electrical wires or fly by the small calamansi tree outside our house. I’d love to bring my Mama to Ulot River in Samar where we will enjoy boating and birdwatching along the river. I’m sure she’d be amazed by the sight of the brightly colored kingfisher along with white egrets and small sparrows as well. Plus, I want to hear her scream during the torpedo boat ride, especially when it goes against the river’s current.

4. Apo Reef Natural Park – Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
If you try hanging out with me and my family, you’d feel as if you’re part of an astronomy club back in school. We are all space enthusiasts and we talk about it a lot. We also love watching TV shows about stars and galaxies. Bringing my mother to Apo Reef Natural Park is possibly the closest experience she could get to floating around space. How? Aside from the beach, the lagoon, and the snorkeling sites, it is also an island miles away from possible sources of light pollution, making it the perfect spot for stargazing. I should learn how to do astrophotography by then!

5. Valencia City, Bukidnon
Finally, Valencia City is this lovely and awesome place in Bukidnon. It is home to beautiful natural wonders like the pristine Lake Apo. It also happens to be my home, and I’d love to accompany my mother here on her rest day. That means watching episodes of Arrow together, munching on Rinbee Cheese Sticks (her favorite junk food), playing board games with her and my sisters, or helping her check the test papers of her students. What can I say? After bringing my Mama to those destinations, there’s still no place I’d rather be with her but home.

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