5 Places to Visit in Camarines Sur

From extreme sports to natural wonders, Camsur is chock full of adventures for everyone.

By Mathew S. Chan
June 10, 2015


Camarines Sur, often referred to as simply Camsur, is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. It has established itself as the premier site for water sports. The province is also home to several natural wonders, making it more appealing to travelers. If you are planning a trip to Camarines Sur, here are 5 places you must visit while you are there.

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1.    Camsur Watersports Complex

Wakeboarding is a type of water sport that involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water while being towed by a motorboat. The sport is slowly becoming popular, and one of the best places to try it is at the Camsur Watersports Complex. Whether it is your first time to try it or not, there is no better place to experience it than in Camsur.

2.    Matukad Island
Matukad Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the province. It sees its fair share of tourists, but despite the heavy foot traffic, it maintains its natural beauty. With its fine white sand and clear blue waters, it is no wonder why people flock to this island. You can go swimming, and the area is also ideal for a nice overnight camping trip. There is a lagoon you can visit in the middle of the island as well.

3.    Lahos Island
Lahos Island is a virgin beach untouched by modernity. It is a relatively small island, but it is just the right slice of paradise. The beach has fine white sand, perfect for a relaxing afternoon lounging under the sun. The current can be quite strong, so swimming can be difficult. Instead, try snorkeling to see the beautiful coral reefs around the island.

4.    Tayak Lagoon
Tayak Lagoon is a tourist favorite during island hopping tours. Located right behind Tayak Beach, it is a stunning emerald green lagoon that will leave you awestruck. Here you can feel closer to nature by watching an array of fish and turtles. It takes a short trek to get to the lagoon, but you can also swim under some rocks at the side of the beach.

5.    Lake Buhi
Lake Buhi is located in Buhi, Camarines Sur. The lake is found in the basin of two ancient dormant volcanoes, Mt. Asog and Mt. Malinao. It is said to have been formed after Mt. Asog’s eruption. The lake is beautiful and is famous because it contains sinarapan, which is the world’s smallest fish that can be harvested commercially. The forest near the lake contains at least 20 species of birds, some of which are endemic species like the Philippine pygmy woodpecker and the Philippine hanging parrot. You can also find flying lizards and the Philippine Cynomolgus monkey here.

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