5 Places to Visit in Davao

Have fun adventures in Davao when you check out these amazing places.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 16, 2015

Davao is a diverse destination filled with happy people and great sites. It is a good place to visit if you want to have a unique and adventure-filled experience. Here you can get amazing views, see animals, and relax in parks. Check out these 5 places you must see if you are in Davao.

1.    D’ Bone Collector Museum
If you are interested in wildlife and history, you should check out D’ Bone Collector Museum in Davao. The organization behind it is a registered NGO with the goal of educating people about the environment and bringing animals back to life with their bones and the stories they have to tell. The museum features hundreds of skeletons of animals from the Philippines and from around the world.

2.    Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Center is about an hour’s drive away from Davao City. It features 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which were captive-bred. It also houses several species of other birds, mammals, and reptiles. The center offers visitors a simulation of the Philippine rainforest and education on conservations. A falconry is also available for visitors who want to get a close look at the eagles.

3.    Mount Apo
Mount Apo is a dormant volcano with an elevation of 9,692 feet, making it the tallest mountain in the country. It is considered a favorite by hikers and mountaineers although some find it to be a very difficult climb. Climbing the highest peak can take about 2-3 days during the summer months. If you are looking for a thrill, hiking up Mount Apo might just satisfy that craving.

4.    Aliwagwag Falls
If you love nature, Aliwagwag Falls is a must-see. Considered one of the tallest falls in the country, it is a distinctive waterfall with a series of more than 100 cascading falls. Each tier is different from the others and can range anywhere from 6 to 100 feet.  If viewed from afar, the falls look like a very beautiful staircase.

5.    People’s Park
If you just want to rest and relax, you can head to People’s Park, the cleanest and greenest park in the Philippines. It is an urban public park covered in lush green vegetation from all around the world. It also features sculptures of indigenous people by famous artist Kublai as well as a beautiful dancing fountain that tourists love to view, especially at night. The visitor center is durian-shaped, giving it a unique look.