5 Places to Visit in La Union

Go to La Union for a serene getaway you won’t forget.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 17, 2015


La Union is a surfer’s paradise with great waves and a quiet location. Although it is best known as the go-to place for surfing, the province has a lot more to offer aside from it. Located close to Baguio in the north, it offers sites that cater to adventurers and history buffs alongside its peaceful beaches. Are you heading there for a trip this summer? Here are 5 places to visit in La Union.

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1.    Ma-Cho Temple

Ma-Cho Temple is the largest modern Taoist Temple outside of Japan, and it is located in San Fernando, La Union. The temple was built on September 11, 1975 on a one-hectare lot. It houses several images of Ma Cho as well as other Chinese saints. The walls and ceilings feature intricate designs like golden dragons, phoenixes, and vines that stretch out into a web. Unlike other temples, Ma-Cho temple is open to all, both worshippers and non-worshippers.

2.    Bauang Beach
La Union has some great beach alternatives if you want to avoid crowded places. Bauang Beach in San Fernando is a prime example with its nice sand and cool ambiance. There are several resorts in the area with reasonable prices. The waves are perfect for surfers especially during high tide, making the beach a great place for both beginners and experienced surfers to hang out.

3.    Our Lady of Namacapan Church and Sts. Peter and Paul Parish
La Union has plenty of beautiful churches, and they all come with an interesting history. Our Lady of Namacapan Church is about 140 years old, and amazingly, its original structure is mostly still intact. Meanwhile, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, dating back to 1580. It has been carefully preserved to show the rich Christian legacy of the region.

4.    Tuddingan Falls and Balay Anito Falls
If you like hiking, La Union has two waterfalls you can visit. Tuddingan Falls is a relatively easy trek. You can reach the falls without any trouble, and when you get to the peak, you’ll have a stunning view of the highest point of the falls. If you want something more challenging, head to Balay Anito Falls. The path to the falls features rocky terrain, but once you arrive at the top, you’ll be treated to a nice overlooking view of the area. To climb down, you need to use the roots on the side of the falls. You can also jump from the peak of the falls and land on the pool at the bottom (but, be warned, it’s going to be a long drop!).

5.    Bacsil Ridge Monument

Bacsil Ridge is the most famous battle site in La Union during World War II. It was a border established by the Japanese and the Joint 121st Infantry Regiment of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines-Northern Luzon. The monument represents the victory of the United States and the Philippines against the Japanese in the city. It is located in the mountainous part of the region about 10km outside the city proper.

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