5 Places to Visit in Pangasinan

Beaches, islands, and falls—this stunning province is filled with natural wonders.

By Mathew S. Chan
June 23, 2015

Pangasinan is a beautiful province that is often described as the gateway to Northern Luzon. From stunning islands to great beaches, Pangasinan has a lot of different destinations to keep you busy. You will surely be left awestruck by the province's natural beauty. Here are 5 places you must visit in Pangasinan.

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1.    Hundred Islands National Park

The Hundred Islands National Park is a big tourist destination in the province of Pangasinan. Located in the city of Alaminos, this natural wonder is made of around 120 islands, the number varying depending on the tide. The islands are said to be millions of years old. Of all the islands, only Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children's Island have been developed for tourism.

2.    Patar Beach
A lot of times, people escape to the province for a relaxing beach outing. Pangasinan is no exception. One of the go-to beaches is Patar Beach in Bolinao. It is roughly a 45-minute to an hour destination from the Bolinao town proper. What makes the beach special, besides the nice white sand and pristine waters, is the fact that during sunsets the sand turns into a lush gold color.

3.    Enchanted Cave
Some people might say this place is overrated, but it's definitely something you should have on your itinerary if you are in the area. It is a wondrous cave that has bright clear waters filled with corals and ancient rocks. A trip to the cave can be both educational and fun. There is an entrance fee of 150 pesos, and depending on the number of people, you may only have a limited time to swim and take pictures, but when you do get the cave to yourself, it is a truly enchanting experience.

4.    Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is a good place to pass by if you are heading to Patar Beach or are en-route to other places in the area. There isn’t much you can do here, so you can use it as a stopover rather than a destination on its own. You may not be able to actually climb the lighthouse, but the structure itself is stunning. From here, you can also get a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea and the Lingayen Gulf.

5.    Bolinao Falls
Bolinao has two waterfalls, Bolinao Falls 1 and 2. Most tourists head to Bolinao Falls 2, while Bolinao Falls 1 is underrated and less filled with people. Both falls are picturesque, and they are great places to go to for a nice refreshing dip. Bolinao Falls 1 has more rocks and moss, so just remember to be cautious. Some parts of the water may suddenly go deep without warning.