5 Places to Visit in Subic

Go to Subic and experience everything from animal safaris to diving excursions.

By Mathew S. Chan
April 07, 2015


Subic is the perfect place to go for a quick day trip if you just want to get away from the city for a little while. Hotels and resorts are abundant, and shopping at an array of outlet shops and stores can easily take up most of your time. Beyond these, Subic has a lot more to offer from animal safaris to diving. Here are 5 places you must visit while you are in Subic.

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1.    Ocean Adventure
Packed with exotic sea creatures and other attractions, Ocean Adventure provides family-friendly fun as well as an educational program everyone can learn from. Kids will love their Sea Lion Patrol and Dolphin Tales shows. You can even get a chance to swim with dolphins and dive with sharks and turtles. Summer is the perfect time to go there as they have special packages inclusive of a ride from either Manila or Pampanga.

2.    El Kabayo Stables
Have you ever had fantasies of being a cowboy or cowgirl when you were younger? At El Kabayo Stables, you might be able to live out those fantasies with your kids.  The whole area is a replica of an Old West town with recreations of an Old West general store, saloon, trading post, bank, drugstore, and more. You can go horseback riding, try a carriage ride, or even take riding lessons and get certified.

3.    Zoobic Safari
Zoobic Safari is no ordinary zoo. It is a unique experience where you can meet the animals up close and personal and learn about their history and conservation through a fun and informative educational tour. This is the closest thing you’ll get to experiencing a jungle safari in the Philippines as Zoobic has the only tiger safari in the country. There are plenty of other things to do in this 25-hectare amusement park as well like go zip lining, drive into a savannah, and see crocodiles.

4.    White Rock Water Park & Beach Hotel
If you are thinking of staying longer in Subic and are looking for a nice place to spend overnight, head to White Rock Water Park & Beach Hotel. It is a seven-hectare property right by the calm waters of Subic Bay. It has 200 beachfront and beachside rooms you can choose from. From the resort, you also get a stunning panoramic view of the Subic mountain range as well as the sunrise and sunset.

5.    El Coral Reef Dive Center

If you love diving, El Coral Reef Dive Center in Subic is a must-see. Subic Bay is considered a great place for wreck diving where there are dozens of wreck sites available, suited for beginners up to advanced divers. It also has diverse marine life, so you can see coral fish, shellfish, turtles, octopi, schools of tuna, and even sharks sometimes. You can take lessons at the Dive Center where they teach you, not only quality diving lessons, but encourage you to only dive at your skill level so as not to harm yourself and the environment and marine life.

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