5 Places Where You Can Find Love

Because you probably won’t meet your ideal man on Tinder.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
April 19, 2016


So you’ve been noticing that your friends are one-by-one getting engaged, getting married, or starting their own families, and here you are—still trying to move on after getting dumped.

You start to wonder when it will be your turn to post on Instagram or Facebook a gleaming diamond ring on your finger. But before that, you also worry if “the one” is really out there. What’s keeping him so long? Is he stuck in EDSA? The MRT? Did aliens abduct him or did zombies eat him alive?

Before you lose your mind with waiting, do yourself a favor and go out there so you can meet him halfway. And you know what they say, there’s a lot of fish in the ocean and you just have to know where to look. So uninstall Tinder from your phone and start hunting for your man in both the usual and the unexpected places, like these ones:

1. Gym
The gym is not just a place to be fit anymore: it has turned out to be a social place for like-minded health enthusiasts. If you’re into a healthy lifestyle, then the hunk who works out next to you may be your perfect match. Besides, a man who’s committed to keeping in shape is potentially someone who will also be dedicated to taking care of you.

Tip: Take your time in spotting hot guys in the gym. We highly recommend you to befriend the cute and athletic lad doing cardio than the iron-pumping douche, sorry, dude who’s obsessed with admiring himself in the mirror. Date him and you’ll be the third party in his relationship with his abs.

2. Library or bookstore
If you’re the kind of girl who’ll take brains over brawn anytime, chances are, your dream guy has his nose on a book. This type of man is usually shy, but since you are a 21st century woman, it wouldn’t hurt if you approach him first and ask what he is reading. Who knows, your spirited and intellectual discussion may just develop into something more.

Tip: When talking to potential boyfie in the library, keep the noise down. Though it would be fun and cute to get kicked out of the library with him—and something that you can both laugh about.

3. Beach
Believe it or not, you can meet a guy while on vacation and develop a full-blown relationship with him, not just a fling or a one-nighter. These kinds of men, however, don’t frequent beach parties or clubs, but usually prefer to wake up early to catch the sunrise. Watch the seascape with him and we’re pretty sure he’ll be glad to talk to someone who’s not nursing a massive hangover from last night’s booze fest.

Tip: There’s a chance that this boy lives far away, and you might end up with a long distance relationship with him. LDRs can be really tough to pull off, but you can use your love for beaches and sunrises to make it work. Go on vacations whenever you can, and always catch the morning sun together for a romantic way to reconnect.

4. Supermarket
Any man who’s not ashamed to wheel around a shopping cart filled with groceries is truly a keeper. It says a lot about him—he’s independent, responsible, knows how to take care of himself, and he can most likely cook. If you hit it off with him, it won’t be long before he invites you to his place for some home cooked meal he prepared himself.

Tip: You can tell so much about a guy just by looking at the contents of his shopping cart. He’s probably a good cook if he has a lot of ingredients like different cuts of meat, spices, herbs, olive oil, pasta, vegetables, and even wine. It’s up to you if you want to stay away from someone who has a cart loaded with instant noodles.

5. Concert
From Sonny and Cher to Jay-Z and Beyonce, these are some couples brought together by their love of music. But even if you’re not a real musician (only an occasional singer in the shower), an ideal place where you can meet someone who shares your love for music would be at the concert grounds. Your potential bae could just be in the sea of people jumping up and down to the bass drop of The Chainsmokers' “Roses.”

Tip: Aside from the concert, make time to attend the autograph signing or the after-concert party. Your possible soulmate could also be there while nursing his post-concert depression. The best thing about this possible relationship? You already have something in common, so you won’t run out of things to talk about.

One final tip: Ladies, it’s nice to have someone beside you. But before you seek out the love of your life, make sure that you find yourself first. Remember, it’s more fulfilling to give your heart to someone else when it’s whole.