5 Reasons to Book With Ciriaco Hotel & Resort

The Chosen Juan tells us more about his preferred hotel in Samar.

By Dave Agbayani
June 23, 2016


I found myself in the heart of Calbayog City in Samar while hoping to take a short breather from the non-stop traveling and adventuring around the Philippines. After climbing several mountains, snorkeling with different schools of fish, and strolling along the roads of rustic towns, I was more than willing to receive some royal treatment. And I experienced it all in Ciriaco Hotel & Resort.

If you’re traveling to Samar soon, here are five reasons why you should book with Ciriaco Hotel & Resort for your accommodations.

1. You can expect quality service.
Ciriaco Hotel & Resort definitely has an edge when it comes to their services. The royal treatment began the moment I arrived in Calbayog City. A shuttle picked me up and my companions from the ferry port to bring us to the hotel. When we got there, the staff welcomed us with damp towels and bottled water and ushered us to the spacious lobby. Its modern ambience was a welcoming sight, especially after the long travel.

2. You’ll love the food.
My stomach was already growling when I got to Ciriaco Hotel & Resort so I heaved a sigh of relief when they told me that lunch has been served in Café Elsa, the in-house restaurant. This impressive dining establishment serves various dishes, but if you’ve been following my posts, you know how much I love seafood. And after a satisfying meal of lapu-lapu, fish kilawin, and crabs—all fresh from the sea—I was convinced that if my adventures ended there and then, I’d be perfectly content. But the royal treatment was just getting started, and there was still their impressive buffet breakfast waiting for me the next morning.

3. You’ll be staying in elegant rooms.
Ciriaco Hotel & Resort offers elegantly spacious air-conditioned rooms to the guests, complete with hot and cold showers, and a cable TV. The bed was also welcoming and soft that I wanted to take a siesta when I got inside my room after lunch, but we had a bunch of activities lined up for that day. The refreshing green highlights of the room were easy on the eyes, along with the perfectly balanced lighting. I also remember being treated to a view of the beautiful sunrise on the small balcony when I got up the next day.

4. It has a bunch of swimming pools and more.
Ciriaco Hotel & Resort has an abundance of swimming pools so whether you’re with a small group of friends or a huge family with little kids, you’re sure to have fun while there. It’s quite relaxing to just soak in the pool while waiting for the golden sunset at the nearby sea. Night swimming is also enjoyable since the pools and its surroundings are elegantly lit. If you’re looking for a place where you can hold events, the hotel houses a function hall that can accommodate up to 200 people.

5. You can tour Samar from there.
While in Ciriaco Hotel & Resort, remember that you’re not just in a charming hotel but also in the incredible province of Samar, which is home to numerous impressive attractions. What’s awesome is that the hotel can arrange tours of the notable spots in the province for you like the jaw-dropping Tarangban Falls (lunch included), the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Grotto, the 588-step Malajog Ridge, the wondrous Biri Island rock formations, and many more!
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