5 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip

Take a drive and see what the Philippines has to offer!

By Mathew S. Chan
March 05, 2015


If you’re often busy because of work, school, or family, you might find yourself not having enough time to go on a long vacation. Most trips require more than a couple of days to make the cost worth it, but with a road trip, all you need is a single weekend to have an enjoyable vacation. Still need convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you should go on a road trip.

1.    You get to bond with your friends.

If you and your friends haven’t hung out in a while, now’s your chance to have some bonding time. Going on a road trip means staying together in one car for a good number of hours. You’ll have your friends’ full attention, making it the prime opportunity to talk, laugh, and catch up without having to stop or be interrupted—unless it’s for a gas or bathroom break.

2.    It’s cheaper.

If planned well, a road trip can be one of the most fun trips you can have as well as the cheapest. Considering the place you’re going to and the distance you have to travel, you’ll just have to pay for gas and toll, which you can split with your companions. You can also try going on a daytrip, which will reduce costs. The only major expense you’ll have will be your food (which you can easily solve by bringing packed meals) and entrance fees for sites you plan to visit.

3.    Appreciate the journey.

Most of the excitement of a road trip revolves around the experience of driving to your destination. You don’t get to see the scenery when you’re riding a plane, but you can on the road. Enjoy the view of the greenery, the water, and the mountains that you’ll find on the way to your destination.

4.    You can go on detours.

Road trips allow you to be spontaneous and go on more adventures. If you see something you like on the road, you can easily make a pit-stop. Discover hidden gems when you go off the path and have a unique experience you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

5.    You control everything.

With a flight, a tour, or a cruise, you follow a strict schedule. You can’t be late because you will be left behind. With a road trip, you have total control of all the aspects of your outing from where you’ll go and what time you’ll leave. You’re also free to decide how long you want your journey to be. Flexibility is a big part of seeing the world via road trip.