5 Reasons to Try Summit Circle Hotel in Cebu

A list of how Summit Circle Hotel will match any adventure in Cebu.

By Dave Agbayani
June 13, 2016


I have never been so excited about any itinerary than the one we had for Cebu. There was a lot of jumping involved, whether from a small aircraft flying at 10,000 feet above ground or from a 60 feet high cliff and into the water below. For all the adrenaline rush needed for this trip, an accommodation that will complement it is highly needed—and Summit Circle Cebu provided just that. With comfy rooms and excellent services, this hotel was just what I needed for this journey around Cebu. Here are five things the Summit Circle offers that matched the adventure the city had in store for me.

1. The rooms are heavenly.
Coming from our long trip from Tacloban City, I could already see myself in a hotel room, covered in soft sheets, and being lulled to sleep by the cool air-conditioning. True enough, the sight of the cozy bed in my room in Summit Circle looked like heaven to me. The hot shower will be a delight for anyone looking forward to relax and freshen up after going through challenging adventures in Cebu like canyoneering. Additionally, beside the queen-size bed were a small sofa and a coffee table, which I was able to use with the high-speed internet connection to finish some paperwork.

2. They served delectable food.
Aside from wanting to literally fall flat on the bed the moment my companions and I got out of the cab, I was also looking forward to pigging out. Good thing Summit Circle’s in-house restaurant was opened until 11pm. We ordered classic Filipino dishes such as pork sisig, sinigang, and a serving of leche flan for dessert, and all of them were delicious. The next day, breakfast buffet was on the menu, with Filipino staples, bread, jams, juice, and brewed coffee.

3. There’s a gym and an outdoor swimming pool.

Even if you’re far away from home and would want to stay on top of your fitness routine, Summit Circle has a fully equipped gym that you can use. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool with a scenic view of the city. I love the pool so much that I felt like the hotel didn’t want me to leave!

4. It is located at the heart of Cebu City.

Summit Circle Hotel is just less than an hour’s drive from Mactan International Airport and almost in the middle of the entire island. This was ideal for me since part of my itinerary was to go to the northern part of Cebu for skydiving and then to the south for canyoneering. The hotel itself is also located right outside the Fuente Osmeña Circle, a huge roundabout leading to all the other attractions in the city. In addition, below the hotel is a shopping mall and a supermarket in case you want to squeeze in some shopping in your itinerary. When in Summit Circle, everything you need is right within your reach!

5. The hotel staff members are really friendly.
When we checked in at the hotel’s front desk, I talked to the staff in Bisaya, my native language. They smiled and they were surprised to find out that I was from Bukidnon. They even asked me if I knew this this certain person who has the same last name as me—I didn’t, but I love how casual our conversation went. Aside from that, they even offered us breakfast to-go when they found out that we had to leave before the restaurant opened one morning. This level of service will have to be my favorite feature of Summit Circle.

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